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Sarah Barns

Strategic Adviser and Research Consultant

Sitelines Media

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I'm a strategist, innovator & researcher with close to two decades’ experience working across digital, built environment and creative futures. I bring a strategic, cross-disciplinary and values-led approach to my work, informed by a balance of practical experience and research-driven insights. I love bringing complex ideas to life, guided by a life-long interest in technological change and the many ethical, policy and experiential challenges it provokes. I believe in radical hope and commit my work and energies to a better future for people and planet. More about me? I'm a leading international thinker, strategist and researcher in the field of ‘platform urbanism’, addressing the significance of digital business models and ecosystems in scaling digital programs for sustainability and community resilience. This builds on my strategic advisory services across urban planning, design and policy at local, national and international levels. I have a passion for local community engagement & storytelling, and through Esem Projects I facilitate community, creative and digital programs that allow the histories and stories of places to be surfaced and celebrated. Ultimately, I believe what they say: ''Culture eats strategy for breakfast''. Ipso facto: it's people and culture that matter, and lie at the heart of liveable, sustainable and culturally-vibrant places.

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Strategic Adviser and Research Consultant at Sitelines Media


Urban Studies Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Smart Cities and Platform Urbanism