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Sarah Habsburg-Lothringen

Purpose-Driven Hotel Marketing, RT Consultant, Brand Values Coaching, & Sustainability Comms

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I believe in challenging the status quo. I believe you can be successful at marketing your business, standing out online, and being kinder to the planet, no matter the size of your budget or tech skill level. I also believe that doing the work to define your brand values and purpose is in total synergy with running a more responsible business that is consistently successful at generating change where it matters. I apply my own brand values to everything I do, and they allow me to write from my heart and to feel connected to my business. One of my five brand values - Commitment - is ultimately my business mission: To work alongside my clients in modifying their current marketing so they successfully amplify their sustainability commitment with unwavering vision and purpose. And all of that sprinkled with the type of humanity and humility that our world needs to ensure that we co-create a future worth experiencing. I also recently founded The School for Responsible Tourism with the support of Harold Goodwin, WTMs Responsible Tourism Advisor, and John Swarbrooke, the author of Sustainable Tourism Management. This is a long-term project that grew from the passionate belief that the power of Responsible Tourism can change attitudes, lives, and destination across the world. I come at this challenge from a place of practical experience and academic knowledge. My own backpackers’ hostel located in southern Chile was ground to a halt by the massive 8.8 earthquake in 2010. My subsequent tourism consulting business kept my clients afloat after the volcanic eruption that halted arrivals in 2015. I had hoped I would never need to share the survival and resilience strategies that I created at the time, but the world has a different plan for me. Having re-located from South America to the Austrian countryside in 2019, when Covid hit I modified those survival strategies and created a free six-part resource series to support the accommodation sector. It was downloaded thousands of times and I received an overwhelming amount of warm thanks and grateful messages from people across the world. This gave me the drive and inspiration to continue on this path. A path to create valuable, inspiring, educational online tourism courses and coaching that will support tourist accommodation owners to increase sales through targeted marketing and will assist in creating better destinations for people to live in, and in turn for people to visit. We all need some tourism resilience, so I invite you to visit my sites here: |

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Purpose-Driven Hotel Marketing, RT Consultant, Brand Values Coaching, & Sustainability Comms at


MSc Responsible Tourism Management, Tourism Management