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Scott Cunningham

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Merchant Mastery

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We are on a mission to help independent eCommerce businesses compete and scale globally. We believe in small business. We believe in entrepreneurship. And we believe in a marketplace of thriving independent eCommerce stores. Over the past decade, our team has built campaigns for businesses in every corner of the economy. B2B, B2C, ABC, XYZ, you name it. No matter which sector we’ve worked in, I always tell businesses, CEOs, salespeople and other marketers the same thing: for digital marketing to succeed, you need to develop lasting relationships with your customers. You need to provide value at every interaction along the customer journey, from when they don’t know you, all the way until they are your raving fans. And never is this more true than with eCommerce. Selling one product to one customer at a time isn’t enough. And continually pouring out ad spend to find the next new customer will sink your business. To scale an eCommerce business, you need to depend on repeat customers, brand loyalty, and increased revenue per visitor. In 2014, when we discovered the impact that customer relationships have on retail success, we tripled down on eCommerce. We built Shopify websites, we launched eCommerce marketing campaigns, we studied, we practiced, and we got really good at scaling revenue for our clients by helping them foster lifelong relationships with their customers. Today we are solely dedicated to helping independent eCommerce merchants scale in the global market. We also intimately understand eCommerce store owners. Everyone is willing to invest in marketing if it’s generating sales. That’s why we make it really easy to get started with us with several simple pricing programs. To see how we scaled an under-performing Shopify store to six figures in only three months, schedule a call:

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Co-Founder and Managing Director at Merchant Mastery


Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology

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