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Sharon Constançon CDir MBA FCGI

Chief Executive Officer

Valufin Limited

Country or State

United Kingdom


My passions centre on making a difference, and being of value, to both individuals and businesses. I enjoy working with both people and numbers, and function competently in both cases. Being perfectly left AND right brained is, I believe, what gives me the ability, strength, and agility, to be involved in a number of diverse businesses. I am very passionate about nature, and often use analogies of the animal kingdom to share stories with my customers and students. GENIUS BOARDS - Focusing on your Board and its fitness for the future. Considering leadership, communication, challenge, debate, decision making, transparency, risk assessment, and succession planning. Genius Boards caters more exclusively to the needs of listed companies, who want their Board evaluations to provide a genuinely refreshing view, and deliver real change. GENIUS METHODS - Tailored Board evaluations, training, mentorship, and coaching. Understanding the impact of tone, culture, EQ, IQ, relationships, and diversities, to deliver a Board that makes a difference. Focusing on the real factors that impact effectiveness - leadership, risk management, holding management to account, open debate and understanding the board's impact on, and value to, the organisation. VALUFIN – Delivering tailored forex treasury management, and forex risk management services globally, to SME companies that trade internationally. UK based, Valufin works very closely with Constaçon Currencies, in South Africa, for specialist forex services into, and out of South Africa, for both corporates and individuals. Valufin handles all aspects of currency risk from accounting, reporting, costing and hedging right through to reporting to the Board. CONSTANÇON CURRENCIES – We provide forex management services to the South African corporate market. We provide companies with a range of services - from a fully-fledged outsourced forex service, to advisory-only, or access to our powerful, online, in-house-designed forex risk management system.

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Chief Executive Officer at Valufin Limited


MBA, Business Management