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Shel Holtz, SCMP

Sr. Director, Communications


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United States


Internal communications can have a profound impact on an organization's success, from its bottom line to its ability to attract and retain the best talent. A well-rounded internal communications effort is strategic; that is, designed to achieve specific measurable objectives. It involves listening as much as conveying. It recognizes that processes and systems communicate as much as people do. It drives culture, shapes the Employee Experience, makes managers better, and engages people at all levels. I am passionate about internal communications. I have written books about it. I have blogged extensively about it. I have featured it prominently in my 17-plus-year-old podcast. I have spoken at conferences and to companies around the world about it. I am well-versed in other organizational communication, notably corporate external communications and media relations. But internal communication gets me up in the morning and keeps me psyched all day. I have led the internal communication department at two Fortune 400 companies after learning the ropes as a member of one of the most innovative departments of its time (at a Fortune 15 company). Technology also gets my juices flowing, but I chase no shiny objects. To excite me, I have to see the application of emerging technology to the ways organizations communicate and engage their audiences. Once I have determined a technology can take communication to a new level, I advocate for it with passion. Other things I care deeply about: effective managers, strong cultures, and leaders who lead.

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Sr. Director, Communications at Webcor


BA, Journalism