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Silviu Cojocaru

CEO of The Aha Moment | Career Coach

The Aha Moment Academy

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United Kingdom


I don't have a crazy or dramatical story, but... I know how frustrating it is to wake up not wanting to go to work anymore, with... No sense of direction. It isn't easy to find and get into a meaningful career. Some struggle for a lifetime! Using my expertise of how the human brain works I collaborated with Steve Miller, a pioneer in the career planning and development field and creator off the Implicit Career Search (ICS) method... create The Aha Moment Academy, so you can plan and transition into a fulfilling career with certainty and confidence. In the past year, we have coached 100s of professionals to discover, plan and step into what work that provided them with the level of success and fulfilment desired. ICS has been used by 21k people over the last 3 decades, including governments. Multiple independent researches have proven ICS method to work 3x better than the traditional approaches at improving self-esteem. Those who work with us: 1. Eliminated limiting beliefs that keep them stuck (the reason why this program is 300% more effective) 2. Discovered how THEY want to make a difference in the world through their career and DESIGNED a career plan around it 3. Implemented their career plan and stepped into meaningful work Our clients said: ''Going through the process of trying to understand myself gave me the confidence that I wasn't going to waste time doing the wrong job.'' This is the stuff that I WAS MISSING from the previous experience with career coaches. Everything I paid for the previous person you DELIVERED 10 X more value.'' - Masum More client stories: 1. Get in touch: 2. We'll coach you 3. Create and implement your ICS career plan.

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CEO of The Aha Moment | Career Coach at The Aha Moment Academy


BA Hons, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services

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