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Not all leads are created equal. A lead isn’t a piece of data, it’s a person. On average a third of leads are people with absolutely no interest in your product. Usually, you don’t know that until you’ve wasted time and money trying to sell them something they’re never going to buy. We approach this at a human level, not a data level. With Databowl, you get all the tools and support to ensure that only the very best leads arrive at your door. You will begin building connections and relationships with real people. This means our validation software rejects hundreds of millions of unsuitable leads for our users. We reckon we’ve saved our clients a cool £100 million. That’s a lot of money, but we put transparency first. But it’s not all bad news. We’ve also processed over a billion high quality leads globally for consumer facing brands. When you choose Databowl, you see things change pretty quickly. Invalid leads? You’ll stop seeing those instantly. Unqualified or unsuitable leads will be a thing of the past. Delays in following up? That’s going to stop too. Everything happens in real time. We’ll take you from where you are now, to an accurate data orchestration process that will give you the peace of mind that you’re getting leads that are more likely to buy something, and nothing is lost in the process. --- Over the last 15 years, i’ve been involved in lead generation, direct marketing, and data orchestration. I've led an MBO of one of Europe's largest DM companies, founded a successful performance marketing agency (1st year revenue of £2m with 4 staff), and probably been the biggest buyer of leads in the EU... Then one day, I decided I'd been doing it all wrong I'd been doing it wrong because I was focusing on how much money could be made from data, or how many leads we could sell.. I decided I wanted to change how people's personal data is perceived and used This is when Databowl was formed A SaaS business for companies that want to generate and buy leads that lead to real results We’re used by Lead Buyers, Pro Lead Generators and Brands globally They use us to… - Remove bad data - Buy only the best leads - Run their data orchestration sequences But, ultimately, they use us to reduce costs, increase revenue and build better and stronger relationships with their prospects

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