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Skip Miller


M3 Learning

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What are you doing to ensure your sales pipeline is full of qualified leads for 2022? Does your sales team have a reliable system in place for outbound sales to close the gap between your revenue goals and where you are now? How do you make the leap from a $40-$50 million/year business to a $100 million/year business? Being successful in sales today is not the same as it was three years ago. With times changing we have to step out of old success patterns and discover a different way to secure consistent business that moves the needle forward. It starts by being proactive, looking ahead (and not just at this quarter’s quota), and actively engaging your customer daily with best-in-class service. At M3 Learning, we train SaaS sales teams: • Go-to market strategies that do not require in-person meetings, networking at conferences, and frequenting trade shows. • How to proactively take control of the sales cycle so that they are not wasting valuable time and resources on the “maybe” leads that are clog up sales funnels. • The skills, resources, and tactical tools to become a sales superstar in today’s market. Imagine… • Customized corporate sales training that shows your sales team how to confidently and successfully generate outbound leads, releasing their dependence on inbound leads that are no longer working. • Online courses for sales teams that teach them how to overcome mental blocks and fears that prevent them from reaching out to people that need your help. • A proven process that shortens the sales process and increases the deal size on every sale, has customers making decisions faster, and, ultimately, yields higher results. Results our clients experience: • ZOOM: from 8% open rate to 40% • Persado: from 22% MQL to SQL to 45% MQL to SQL • Infusionsoft: shortened sales cycle from 31 days to 13 days • Booker Software: shortened sales cycle from 35 days to 9 days • Average sales price increase: approx. 30% over the first two months • Forecast accuracy improvement: from 70% to 90% in four months • Pipeline management: from no pipeline management to 100% adoption across sales organization • Revenue per rep increase Join more than 300,000 sales professionals in over 38 countries in getting M3 Learning’s signature selling programs by emailing

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President at M3 Learning


BBA, Management and Marketing