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Stephen Perlstein

Senior Vice President Corporate Communications

Studio71, LP

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United States


As SVP Podcasts, I build and develop creative podcast content while managing people, relationships, and day-to-day operations. Thriving in fast-paced environments, I set priorities, define metrics, and develop teams to think outside-the-box. I have worked with global media organizations, start-ups, and small-to-medium players in the podcast space. The worst part of my first job out of college was the commute, specifically, listening to morning radio. After a couple months, I discovered podcasts, and fell in love. Hearing podcasters share stories and knowledge, and real human connection, turned something that I hated into my favorite part of my day. I’ve pursued work in podcasting since with the goal of spreading more compelling stories, more expert knowledge, and deeper connection. Life’s short, the workday is long: I want to make both better for the people I work with. I like to have a cool head and an easy going sense of humor. Strengths Include: ✓ Team Leadership, Consensus Building, Coaching & Developing Teams ✓ Revenue Management ✓ KPI/SOP Development & Tracking ✓ Audits & Internal Controls ✓ Transformational Change Management & Stakeholder Engagement ✓ Reporting & Data Analytics ✓ Strategic Planning & Actionable Roadmaps ✓ Collaboration I’m on LinkedIn to build my professional network. Let’s Connect:

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Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at Studio71, LP


Master of Business Administration - MBA