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Stuart Singer

Chief Executive Officer

Schneider Optics, Inc.

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United States


Stuart Singer is the Chief Executive Officer of Schneider Optics, Inc. I have 40 years of optical manufacturing, lens design, and management experience, as well as my technical sales experience in the optical applications for Machine and Robotic Vision, Military Reconnaissance, Space Optical Systems, Industrial/Commercial, and Motion Picture/Television Industries. I had formerly been the Senior Vice President & CTO of Schneider Optics, the U.S. subsidiary of Schneider-Kreuznach of Germany for 7 years, and Technical Director for 17 years. Prior to Schneider, I was the Optical Engineering Manager at Loral Fairchild Systems, formerly known as Fairchild Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems for 14 years. Stuart has vast experience in the optical industry ranging from hands-on fabrication of lenses, lens design, as well as testing and analysis. For two years, I served as the Senior Technical Director of Ruda Cardinal, Inc., a leader in design and the building of the most complex and intricate optical designs. I am Senior Member of the Optical Engineering Society - SPIE. Over the years, I have published numerous technical papers for Schneider and various other publications and has been a frequent lecturer in the field of optics. I was also one of the recipients of a National Emmy Award in 2012 for his contributions in the development of an IRND Filter for Digital Motion Picture Cameras.

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Chief Executive Officer at Schneider Optics, Inc.


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