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Suneet Dua



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As the Products & Technology Chief Revenue and Growth Officer at PwC, Suneet Dua is focused on driving innovation, delivering world-class, forward-thinking products and digitally upskilling the workforce and society at large. He has 20+ years of technology, media and entertainment industry experience, which has positioned him as a catalyst for meaningful change. As a leading advocate for digital transformation, he’s adamant that the enterprise workforce is not prepared for the emerging roles and skills needed to position themselves in the future. He’s committed to bringing new products to the EdTech space that reimagine upskilling and uplift both individuals and the enterprise. At PwC, Suneet and his team played a critical role in designing and implementing digital tools that upskilled more than 55,000 of its US employees. As a result of this data-driven, citizen-led approach the firm saved time on repetitive tasks and reinvested that energy in value-add activities like improved client delivery and innovation. This is the kind of transformative experience Suneet seeks to bring to other organizations. Suneet’s new upskilling platform, ProEdge, addresses the digital skills gap crisis facing today’s workforce. This cloud-based platform will revolutionize the way organizations upskill their people with access to personalized learning that advances careers and digital tools that deliver value across entire organizations. He’s filed six provisional patent applications for ProEdge in the areas of digital upskilling, learning management, microservices, personalization and authentication. He’s a champion of taking the enterprise to new places and has led the development of Astro, a digital assistant that uses ML and AI to deliver the right information, automate tasks and drive actionable insights to empower quick business decisions at scale. Suneet has filed three patent applications for Astro in the areas of artificial intelligence, cognitive systems and natural language processing. As Chief Network Officer, Suneet enabled a seamless, global experience for PwC’s clients where he drove the development and execution of global strategy across the PwC network. Suneet also serves on PwC’s US Leadership Team, PwC’s Global Leadership Team, and is a board member of PwC’s Trifecta Consulting (US, China, Japan & Mexico). His curiosity and passion for innovation has led him to engage with thought leaders on the business impacts of globalization and successfully navigating the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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