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Sven Roeren


roeren GmbH

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I am inspired by inspiring people. I want to share my experiences in production & business management and my clear understanding of the importance of motivating others for your own benefit as well. Fully focused on management by objectives in everything I do I am following a management style of participation, common interests, and not the last a pinch of humor whenever possible. In several lectures at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut near Munich, where my home turf is located, I love to discuss scenarios of real life in production with my students. Since 2011 I work as a full professor for production management at UAS Landshut. Every activity in a classroom or a lecture hall definitely serves me more energy than it costs. In my consultancy with the exceedingly melodious but in most parts of the world unspeakable name `roeren GmbH´ we are working with about 30 highly motivated and clever engineers on diverse production tasks – concept-based and fire-fighting projects in the exciting field of production within different industries. Above that I am involved as shareholder and board member for some production companies – for me it is also a great opportunity both to share and enrich my experiences of international supply chain management and production organization. I don’t know what the future exactly will bring, but I'm ready for whatever comes and I am pretty sure, that it will be successful – with such a strong team in my consultancy, strong partners in long lasting cooperations and a clear overall strategy to inspire people of open minds and get inspired myself by them and their visions.

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