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Tasman Murray

Managing Partner/Co-Founder

Holistic Analytics

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I am driven by two core principles - solving problems and helping people. This has pushed me to the UN, to Economics and now to be a leader for analytics consulting, mainly because there is so much to be done, and so much value here to be shared. I use an array of problem solving tools, from purely analytical tools to design thinking, in order to get to the 'so what?' for companies, ensuring that the solution we have co-developed is useful, actionable and solving real business problems. Creating sustainable solutions should be at the heart of any good consultant. I believe the role of a good analytics consultant is to ensure companies can learn, solve and then properly own the expertise you have shared with them. I work to enable my clients as if I was personally responsible for the outcomes long after I have left.

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Managing Partner/Co-Founder at Holistic Analytics


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Psychology