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Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Chief Executive Officer

Exposure Ninja

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United Kingdom


MEET TIM ► Digital marketing and lead generation expert. As founder and Head Ninja of the fast-growing digital marketing agency Exposure Ninja, I’m so proud to lead our ridiculously talented team of 100. EXPOSURE NINJA ► We’re on a mission to rid the world of mediocre SME digital marketing 🙅🏻‍♂️and show that you don’t need a huge budget to compete and dominate in competitive industries. We’ve helped clients dominate some of the most competitive markets in the world on budgets 1/10 of the size of their competitors. DIGITAL MARKETING HELP ► Business owners and marketing managers come to us frustrated by their under-performing low-traffic websites and sick of seeing competitors dominating them online. By focussing ruthlessly on only the marketing activities that’ll generate LEADS or SALES, we can put their budgets to better use. TRAINING ► Our bestselling books, workshops and webinars are seriously no-nonsense and have helped tens of thousands get clarity with their marketing focus. Everything we share is based on our experience and ruthless ROI focus. An antidote to the crippling ‘shiny object syndrome’ that paralyses most SME marketing departments, all we care about is maximising your lead volume for the budget you have to invest. MASTERMIND ► For business owners and marketing teams that want personal help from me and senior consultants at Exposure Ninja, we run a Mastermind Group. We meet each month in-person and via webinars, and I share the inner workings of our own marketing and the strategies that have been working best across our client campaigns. For more information about the mastermind, message me or contact our office. LET’S TALK ► To get free help with your digital marketing from the team at Exposure Ninja, message me on LinkedIn, call +44 (0)115 896 2348 or visit and request our famous Website and Digital Marketing review. One of our expert team will analyse your website and current traffic sources, and suggest a prioritised list of actions to hit your 12-month goals. EN'S SPECIALITIES ► SEO, Content Marketing, Pay per click advertising, social media marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, eCommerce, Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, Social Media Advertising, How to get more leads from your website.

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Chief Executive Officer at Exposure Ninja


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