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Tom Ajello™

Sr. Partner, Global Director of Experience, Innovation & Engineering


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United States


Hi! I'm Tom! I'm a Customer-first and Digital-first thinker and I believe Creativity is a force for Growth and Design is a way to solve problems. My primary motivation is quality. And I Never Give Up. I apply years of creative bravery, concept, content, brand identity, product design and digital strategy experience to build and run high-performing organizations that thrive on the endorphins of growth. I'm passionate about merging data analytics with marketing tools to create individualized experiences that inspire and I'm equally comfortable talking to you about optimizing your ROI-based digital marketing playbook as I am helping you define and deliver sustainable, innovative ways to grow your brand, customer base and business. I've helped companies of every size innovate and learn to take ideas from imagination to realization. And I can't wait to help you. I'm... • A Strategy-first, Digital-first and Customer-first thinker. • A storyteller and playful designer at the intersection culture, technology and people. • A strategist, writer, designer and design-thinker with a combined focus on all aspects of brand expression—from campaign and content to code and from brand identity to product design and UX. • A uniter of teams and stakeholders across marketing, product, design, UX, technology, data, content, social media, SEO and sales. • A growth hacker and SEO nerd cleverly disguised as a Creative Director :) • A Gen Z and Gen Alpha nerd, Outdoorsman, Youth football coach, Community STEM leader, Gamer, Jeep off-roader, SxS trail-rider, and eSports fanatic. I helped Marc Lore and his co-founders create, my team and I made The Weather Channel app you use every day, a Wearable Dog-Collar called AKC Link that won Best in Show at CES, and we even rebranded Bud Light and just successfully launched Bud Light Seltzer to overnight success. Oh, and one time I helped James Dyson connect his iPhone to the internet and send his first tweet. Ask me about: Gen Z, Gen Alpha, team building, consulting and agency leadership, brand ID, positioning, campaign advertising, influencer strategy, digital strategy, UX design, CX design, service design, usability, coaching, hiking, biking, camping, farming, youth sports, 4-wheeling, startups, ventures and how to find a great IPA.

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Sr. Partner, Global Director of Experience, Innovation & Engineering at Lippincott


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