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Trevor Woerden

Director of Strategic Accounts & Campaign Architect


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United States


Updated: 27 February 2023 Background: I have been a professional seller for most of my career, and I'm happiest when doing it. There was a time last fall (2022) when I actively wondered whether I am a closet marketer. So, I tested it. I enrolled in a certification course with the Product Marketing Alliance and became certified as a PMM. It was all very interesting content, but I turned out to be not as interested in the product or market as I am in the individual who needs it. And that mindset is what selling requires: focus on the customer. Last night (26 Feb 2023) - I had an insight which is precipitating this rewrite today. At some point in the last year, I shifted from trying to fit my product to solve the problem as I perceived it to changing my perception and understanding of the problem. While this shift has given me some pause (and a little fear) at times, it has also empowered me to have more meaningful interactions with my customers. It allows me to focus on what I do FOR my customers, not what I do TO them. A few other things: I am ridiculously enthusiastic about hosting live shows on LinkedIn. They're tricky to do well, and I feel good about the products I produce: 1. ''344 LIVE'' launched at the end of January as ''The Safe Space to Social Sell Your Solution''. It's a 16 minute daily show intended to support other sellers. 2. ''The Hotness Unleasher Show'' has been tapered back to 1x/mo, but is bigger and brighter with 8 guests instead of just 3. It's honors the LinkedIn 2.0 movement, which is evolving yet again. 3. ''The Early'' is a spontaneous show where I practice monologs or extend a conversation started elsewhere. More casual and definitely unscripted, and explores new themes - like LinkedIn 3.0. Let's talk about the byline... I change it regularly. For now, I'm going with ''Senior Account Executive | [insert live shows]'' - b/c those are the truest and most well understood titles for what I do - even if Sr AE is not the sexiest. I used to be known as Chief Hotness Unleasher, but it was confusing and I grew weary of explaining it, and living into its definition. I still enjoy using the term, however... ''Hotness!'' ''Unleash it!'' ''Hotness Unleasher in the House!'' ''Hotness - oh yea - baby 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥'' Hotness Unleashing is what happens when we pay attention to other people or their work in an intentional way. I am here to serve this community by paying attention to it, introducing people, supporting individuals in meaningful ways, and Unleashing Hotness in it. I expect this ''About'' section to change regularly.

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Director of Strategic Accounts & Campaign Architect at INFUSEmedia