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We help B2B tech brands implement full-funnel marketing operations to drive awareness & demand, and land 5+ figure opportunities with 20%+ of target accounts. Our case studies include: - $5mil in pipeline ($2mil closed) in 6 months via LinkedIn demand gen program - 34 sales opportunities and 5 new clients from one virtual event - 6 deals from 30 target accounts from a single pilot campaign - 76% response rate, 36% accounts engaged, 5 opportunities from a pilot ABM campaign targeting manufacturing companies - Growing ACV 5X and raising an investment in 2 months after developing a new GTM strategy for a drone management platform HOW WE CAN HELP: 1. GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY We’ll work with you on defining the market segments with the highest potential, nailing the Ideal Customer Profile, adapting your marketing & sales to the way your customers are buying and creating a value proposition that clearly differentiates you from the competition and resonates with your buyers. 2. ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING We’ll help your team integrate account-based marketing into daily marketing and sales operations to identify target accounts with buying intent, engage & create awareness inside the buying committee, run account research to create personalized pitches and value propositions, and generate opportunities via creative outreach. 3. DEMAND GENERATION We’ll train and coach your team how to leverage the right content, niche thought leadership, social engagement, virtual events and dedicated content hubs to create awareness, capture the demand from engaged accounts and generate opportunities with them without spammy outreach. WHY FULLFUNNEL.IO 1. 30+ years experience growing B2B companies with 6-figure deals Since 2007 we work with one market: B2B tech with high annual contract value and long sales cycles. We are still in the trenches, know the ins and outs of these businesses, so you’ll get access to 30+ years of our combined experience and knowledge. 2. Knowledge transfer We teach your marketing & sales teams “how to fish”, so you can continue running all the campaigns in-house without hiring marketing agencies or consultants. 3. Growth sprints During a growth sprint, we train and coach your marketing and sales teams to help them install a new evergreen revenue process. Each sprint includes strategy & team alignment, a scoped pilot campaign, and a proven, documented playbook you can use to onboard new team members.

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