Eventibles top events for 2021 Q1

Eventible’s Top Rated B2B Events For Q1-2021

Eventible, the world’s first dedicated review site for B2B events, just revealed the top-rated events for the categories of Marketing, HR, IT, and Finance for the first quarter of 2021.

Eventible is a dedicated review platform for B2B events. Attendees, speakers, and sponsors can share their authentic event experiences and reviews on this platform. The reviews are then scored via a proprietary scoring algorithm and the events are ranked for their categories. Eventible’s 7-step quality verification process ensures only authentic reviews make it to the platform.

For the 1st quarter of 2021, the following events were at the top of their respective categories:

Marketing: BrightonSEO

HR: HRcoreLAB Summit

Finance: Blockchain Summit

IT: AI & Big Data Expo

Eventible is pleased to congratulate the organizing teams behind all these events. Ankush Gupta, Founder – Eventible, said, “It’s been a challenging ask for event organizers to pivot to virtual formats and our top-rated events for Q1 2021 just prove that they rose to the challenge and put on shows that were widely appreciated and respected by their participants, speakers and sponsors. We hope that these organizers serve as inspiration for their peers and that we continue to see the quality and engagement of virtual events go up – and for persistent challenges like networking to get more attention.”


BrightonSEO ranked at the top in this category for the first quarter of 2021 with an Eventible score of 4.64. The spring edition of this virtual search marketing conference was held in Brighton between March 25-26 and brought together SEO and e-commerce strategists from across the world to participate in talks and courses revolving around SEO, SMM, content marketing, and user acquisition.

The common point of feedback from both speakers and attendees (approx. 60%) was how well-organized the event had turned out to be. 75% of the speakers appreciated the range of topics covered and the level of community support that was made available to them, despite the event being a virtual one, while all the attendee reviews spoke in favor of the content shared, its relevance to the field, and how it gave them a lot to think about.

The field of SEO has been growing at an exponential rate over the last few years. In fact, Forbes estimated the value of this industry at over $80 billion for 2020. Given the rate at which companies across the world are fighting to be seen in an increasingly cluttered space, it was interesting to note the range of topics covered at BrightonSEO in order to appeal to those starting out with SEO as well as the more seasoned marketers. We can’t wait to see what the autumn edition has in store for us.


The first quarter of 2021 saw HRcoreLAB Summit ranking at the top of this category with an Eventible score of 4.50. Held between March 3-5, this Summit is considered to be one of the most comprehensive, disruptive, and inspiring strategically oriented HR events of its kind. It is known to bring together HR executives from across the globe and across industries to discuss the “current state of the people function and investigate how it can be improved in order to contribute to business success in the future”. This year, the Summit saw over 6,000 HR professionals from 99 countries participating in sessions conducted by over 70 expert speakers.

It was interesting to note that nearly 78% of the speakers and attendees spoke highly of the networking opportunities made available during this virtual event. All the attendee reviews were appreciative of the level of knowledge sharing that took place here while all the speaker reviews highlighted the level of support they’d received from the organizing team before and during the event.

At a time when most organizations across the world are functioning remotely, the role of HR has extended beyond the traditional understanding of the term. Today, HR teams are expected to partner with the C-suite in order to deliver value on a strategic and operational level, as well as do more than simply implement work-from-home policies to address the challenges faced by a pandemic-stricken world and its workers. Thus, an event like HRcoreLAB becomes valuable since it provides HR professionals with a platform to discuss, debate, and analyze the problems being faced globally and come away with effective solutions to tackle them.


This category saw Blockchain Summit being ranked as the top-rated event for the first quarter of 2021 with an Eventible score of 4.36. The 5th edition of this annual conference was held virtually between February 23-24 and saw the convergence of 30 visionary speakers and 1,000 industry and technology leaders to discuss the impact of blockchain on financial services. Blockchain Summit is considered to be the most interactive, innovative, and inclusive virtual event in Europe and addresses the current financial technology landscape and the impact blockchain technologies have on it.

All the reviews received for this event were from event attendees, and 50% of them were particularly appreciative of the manner in which information on blockchain and its impact on the financial services industry was disseminated. About 50% of the reviewers gave the overall experience of the event a 5-star rating, while 67% praised the networking opportunities that were made available during the event.

Given that the fintech industry is growing at a rate of nearly 23% each year, it is important for organizations to keep the fluid nature of this ecosystem in mind. Blockchain plays a key role here. Thanks to the “blocks” involved in the process, companies are able to track the complete lifecycle of each financial transaction thereby making processes more democratic, secure, transparent, and efficient. The 2021 edition of the Blockchain Summit went deeper into the pros and cons of this topic, thereby proving to be of great assistance to all participants involved.


The IT category saw AI & Big Data Expo emerging as the top-rated event for the first quarter of 2021 with an Eventible score of 4.74. Held between March 17-18, this event was a showcase of the next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and was an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of the same in businesses. The event brought together forward-thinking brands, market leaders, AI & Big Data evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in the field, the impact within enterprise and consumer sectors as well as development platforms and digital transformation opportunities. This year, the Expo saw over 3,000 online attendees joining in to listen to over 50 speakers across eight conference tracks.

The attendee reviews spoke highly of the Expo being a one-stop shop for AI-related information, while the speaker reviews focused on the level of quality content offered during the Expo. All the reviews mentioned a positive experience overall. While all the speaker reviews did touch upon the slight issue of audience interaction, they also rated the quality of the audience in attendance very highly (4.5-star rating).

The March 2021 edition of the AI & Big Data Expo was just the first event in the series planned for the year. There are three other events planned over the course of 2021 to facilitate the discussion and exploration of the latest innovations in the world of AI by bringing together leaders and changemakers from industries as varied as manufacturing, transport, supply chain, logistics, government, energy, and automotive.

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