Monday, January 23rd, 2023: Eventible, the world’s largest source of business conference reviews, is excited to announce a new and unique innovation: Micro Format Event Audio Reviews. This new format of reviews allows prospective attendees to make participation decisions based on listening to reviews left behind by their peers for past editions of events.

Speaking about this new innovation, Ankush Gupta, Founder of Eventible says, “A few months ago, Eventible embarked on an ambitious experiment – could we make our reviews more immersive and open for a wider audience? Not everyone is a committed reader, and in today’s world, where podcasts and videos are incredibly popular, we wanted to find a new way to deliver our reviews that is easy to digest.”

Following a few internal discussions, Ankush said that they decided to try experimenting with an audio format, but didn’t want to ask attendees to provide a review the length of a normal podcast.

“So, we decided to keep the audio recordings to a ‘micro format’ of 20 seconds or less. To our delight, we found that nearly 4 in 10 event attendees who surveyed, left a review on our platform with a complimentary audio review. The response from event organizers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are working to make these audio files embeddable on their event landing pages.” Ankush adds.

Amol Tembe, VP of Marketing, WBRUS is one of many patrons who is incredibly happy using Eventible’s Micro Format Event Audio Review. “Our experience with using Eventible as a tool to generate the voice of the customer has exceeded my expectations. Their implementation of audio testimonials is trailblazing, their customer experience has been solid, and we expect to continue to see improvements with the new technology developments they have in the pipeline. We’re pleased to be a partner of Eventible,” Tembe says.

Eventible’s goal is to continue to innovate and help event organizers tell their stories in a more compelling way, and to provide potential event attendees with all the information they need to make a decision to attend.

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