As we stand on the cusp of a new year, we cannot help but reflect on all the significant events that defined the year gone by. 2023 saw a mix of many significant events that paved the way for an exciting and ‘eventful’ year. In this article, Eventible presents a curated list of 17 standout events, evaluating each through attendee feedback and a distinctive score. Join us in this retrospective journey through the year to discover the top business events of 2023 in great detail and understand why these events made the mark they did.

17 Top Business Events of 2023

Here are the 17 top business events that made it to the list of Eventible’s Top 17 events of 2023. 

1. Dreamforce 2023

Category: Marketing
Eventible’s Ranking: 4.8/5

About the Event:

Dreamforce 2023, organized by Salesforce, was the biggest AI event of the year and packed an equal dose of inspiration, innovation, and fun. The event was held between September 12th and 15th at Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, U.S. 

Why was this event a hit?

The event emphasized the need for businesses to undergo digital transformation and invest in technology to streamline processes and improve customer experience. It further showcased how businesses could enhance efficiency, cut costs, and drive innovation by using AI and automation. 

Dreamforce 2023 stood out because attendees loved the diverse lineup of speakers. Most attendees found it heartwarming to see people from different backgrounds sharing their insights. The event also made people really happy with the groundbreaking innovations showcased. Many were in awe of the sessions that provided a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities. 

The sheer number of workshops, sessions, and panel discussions covering various topics was impressive. Whether one was a seasoned Salesforce employee or just starting their CRM journey, there was always something to discover. Dreamforce helped people gain technical skills and updated them on industry trends and best practices that can transform businesses.


The event was very well organized and made the online experience enjoyable. Attendees can choose from a wide range of virtual sessions from all around the world to participate without the need to travel.

Gaurav Kumar, Developer, Kreya Consulting

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2. FOSSASIA Summit 2023

Category: IT
Eventible’s ranking:

About the event

This year, FOSSASIA Summit 2023 returned as both an in-person and an online event and took place from April 13th to April 15th in Singapore. During the two-day event over 150 international speakers attended the event and spoke of what technology can achieve in the present day.

Why was this event a hit?

At FOSSASIA, people had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and make new connections. The event was truly inspiring, bringing together a global community passionate about open-source technology and collaborative innovation. Throughout the week, attendees learned from experts, shared their experiences, and connected with others driving change in the tech world. 

The diverse community included open-source developers, enthusiasts, and users, creating a valuable networking opportunity for both hardware and software OpenSource technologists. The event stood out as a platform where attendees openly shared their innovations, experiences, and challenges in the world of open-source technology.


FOSSASIA is a conference with lot of members with varying levels of experience attending the event. You can meet folks who have worked all their years in Database, web or in AI like me. I find the diversity of attendees and their background very interesting.

Kurian Benoy, AI Engineer,

3. Africa Fintech Summit 2023

Category: Finance
Eventible’s ranking: 4.85/5

About the event

The 9th edition of the Africa Tech Summit took place in Washington DC, USA, on April 12, 2023. This summit brought together a diverse group, including top regulators, policymakers, executives from the financial and technology industries, fintech founders, innovators, investors, and government representatives worldwide. 

The event delved into various crucial topics such as policy and regulation, US-Africa fintech connections, diaspora finance, remittance and cross-border payment, tech talent, the future of banking, mobile money growth and integration, embedded fintech, blockchain, powering African fintech through venture capital, intra-Africa trade, and payment infrastructure, and financial inclusion.

Why was the event a hit?

The Africa Tech Summit received high praise for its excellent networking opportunities. Attendees found it to be a wonderful and enjoyable event held in a secure environment. The panel discussion was particularly well-received, featuring experienced Fintech speakers, the ecosystem tour, and networking meetings such as breakout sessions and the after-party. People appreciated the diverse range of guests and their expertise. The collaboration and discussions in various panels, especially the focus on regulation, were noteworthy.


I loved the variety of guests and the expertise they brought to the table. I met many relevant people who were current on many of the issues that are harder to keep up with living away from the continent.

Samantha, Investor, Fintech Collective

4. Recfest 2023

Category: HR
Eventible’s Ranking, 4.78/5

About the event

RecFest is one of the world’s largest gatherings for business resourcing, recruitment, and talent acquisition, presenting a unique twist by adopting a traditional festival format. The 2023 edition of RecFest took place at Knebworth Park, UK, on July 6th, breaking the mold of industry events by providing relatable industry content within a vibrant festival experience. This one-of-a-kind event serves as the ultimate meeting point for in-house recruitment teams to connect and revitalize.

Why was the event a hit?

RecFest won everyone over with its unique setup – a rare combination of a conference and a festival. The execution was flawless, offering a top-notch experience with diverse vendors, stands, food, drinks, and entertainment. The inclusion of Basement Jaxx added a fantastic touch, allowing attendees to unwind and enjoy.

For many, RecFest brought a breath of fresh air to the typical conference scene. It felt like an “un-conference,” infusing a light, fun, classic British summertime festival energy into what is often a corporate affair. With multiple stages featuring reputable speakers, the event provided ample learning opportunities.

 For those seeking new technologies to enhance their tech stack, meeting vendors face-to-face was a valuable experience. Additionally, it served as a great networking opportunity, offering insights into how people interact with software to simplify their lives. In short, the overall atmosphere left a lasting impression, making attendees eager to participate in future events.


I really liked networking with TA professionals and learning about how people interact when using software to make their lives easier.

Hamish Vadher, Account Executive, Hack a Job

5. Infosecurity Europe 2023 

Category: Safety and Security
Eventible’s ranking: 4.73/5

About the event

Infosecurity Europe took place in London, the UK, from June 20th to 22nd, 2023, connecting everyone in the field of information security, from engineers to innovators. The event aimed to keep participants informed on all aspects of information security, covering past victories and current developments. Attendees had the opportunity to reconsider the significance of information security in their own context and reflect on its power.

Why was the event a hit?

Many participants found the flexibility to join talks and demonstrations at their convenience to be the event’s major advantage. Networking with like-minded individuals openly was another significant benefit. The well-organized nature of the event and the user-friendly app facilitated easy navigation and effective communication with desired contacts. 

Attendees particularly enjoyed engaging with vendors and attending talks on security topics such as firewalls and AI detection. Unlike virtual meetings, the in-person interaction was highly appreciated, especially for those regularly working with suppliers. 

Participants also expressed great satisfaction with the event sessions. The central location, consolidation of major vendors, industry specificity, easy accessibility from Central London, and the abundance of eateries were additional highlights.


For me, having started working with some suppliers in the last few years, it was seeing people face to face-and not via a screen. I really enjoyed the sessions as well.

John King, Infrastructure & Service Delivery Manager, Punch Pubs

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6. FMI‘s Midwinter Executive Conference 2023 

Category: F&B/ Hospitality
Eventible’s ranking: 4.57/5

About the event

FMI Midwinter 2023 took place in Orlando, USA, from January 20-24, 2023. As a leading event in the grocery industry, FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference is exclusive, being an invitation-only gathering. This ensures that all attendees are key stakeholders directly linked to the industry’s growth and changes. The conference served as a forum for high-level dialogues, allowing members to focus on critical issues and the future of the grocery sector.  Some key topics discussed included supply chain disruption, labor shortage, workforce challenges, accelerating technology transformation, changing marketplace and societal dynamics, evolving consumer behaviors, etc. 

Why was the event a hit?

Attendees valued the opportunity to socialize and connect with others at events and evening cocktail receptions. The event offered excellent networking prospects, even for those who joined late, providing a chance to meet people. The quality of attendees and the opportunity to interact with industry leaders stood out as major highlights. Both the networking and educational sessions received high praise, with organizers doing an excellent job of making everyone feel welcome. Attendees particularly enjoyed the content of the panel presentations and found the keynote speaker impactful.


The networking and the educational sessions were top-notch. The organizers did a great job of making everyone feel welcome.

Ernest Baskin, Associate Professor, Saint Joseph’s University

7. World Aviation Festival 2023

Category: Logistics
Eventible’s ranking: 4.29/5

About the event

The World Aviation Festival took place in Lisbon from September 26 to 28, 2023. Over the course of three days, the event drew more than 5,000 attendees and 500 aviation experts, among them SkyTeam CEO Patrick Roux and leaders from SkyTeam’s member airlines, who served as the official organizers. The extensive schedule addressed various aspects of air travel, covering topics such as pricing and revenue management, sustainable operations, IT, and customer experience.

Why was the event a hit?

The World Aviation Festival had an amazing atmosphere and vibe. Networking was a standout feature, offering plenty of chances to connect with a diverse group of people all in one place. The event hosted numerous mini-conferences covering various topics, creating ample opportunities for meetings with customers and partners.

The attendee list, hall layout, and the participation of notable companies and individuals enhanced the event’s appeal. The overall organization, encompassing content, speakers, masterclasses, round tables, keynotes, and diverse tracks for different interests, contributed to an excellent experience with great networking opportunities. The presence of decision-makers in the room and the ease of approaching everyone were notable aspects of the event.


I loved the space in general and the vibe. The constant delivery of sessions, which in some cases might have been an issue whereby interesting sessions were happening simultaneously, detracts a bit from the takeaway of the event.

Alan Talbot, Founder/ Director Bridge Solutions Ltd

8. Sales Enablement Summit 2023

Category: Service and Support
Eventible’s Ranking: 4.78/5

About the event

The Sales Enablement Summit, held from June 13th to 15th, 2023, featured curated discussion panels and actionable keynotes. Attendees left with a fresh perspective on their products and a game plan for growth and development. In June 2023, the summit brought together the largest gathering of Sales Enablement leaders from the world’s largest companies and exciting startups in Seattle. They shared success stories, experiences, and challenges of those driving consistent and predictable interactions across the customer journey.

Why was the event a hit?

The speakers at the event brought a wealth of knowledge, addressing a diverse range of topics. Additionally, the virtual capabilities were outstanding, enhancing the overall experience for participants. The speakers’ expertise, the variety of topics covered, and the seamless virtual platform collectively contributed to the event’s success.


The speakers were very knowledgeable, there was a wide range of topics, and the virtual capability was great.

Ana Duenas, Sales Enablement Manager, Gorgias

9. EComm Live Conference 2023 

Category: E-Commerce
Eventible’s ranking: 4.66/5

About the event

E-Comm Live took place in Belfast from April 26th to 27th, 2023, featuring 50+ speakers representing brands such as Ryanair, Sculpted by Aimee, TikTok, IRP, Pinterest, Allbird, and more. The event included various elements, including training courses, the Retail Tech Live fringe event, a Women in eCommerce Networking Session, social activities, a 3-track conference, an expo, a networking lounge, a Startup Zone, and both opening and closing parties.

Why was the event a hit?

E-Comm Live offered diverse speakers, quality training, and a relaxed atmosphere that fostered excellent networking opportunities. The overall vibe was friendly and engaging, with accommodating staff. The venue was impressive, and the breaks between sessions allowed people to move around comfortably. 

The structured approach, providing ample time for networking, was well-received. The event focused on learning and development rather than sales, creating a positive atmosphere. The social activities were enjoyable and contributed to a more natural networking experience. The multitude of opportunities to learn from various speakers, stands, and attendees added to the overall satisfaction with E-Comm Live.


I thought the way it was structured, leaving good time for networking, was excellent. Everyone was there for the same reason to learn and develop rather than sell, which I enjoyed.

Oli Hills, CEO, Nonsensical

10. World Sustainable Procurement Day 2023

Category: Procurement
Eventible’s ranking: 4.87/5

About the event

The second annual World Sustainable Procurement Day (WSPD) occurred on March 21, 2023, coinciding with the spring equinox. Participants could engage in hands-on and action-oriented online sessions covering various daily topics. These sessions were hosted by the Sustainable Procurement Pledge (SPP) Team, SPP Chapters, SPP Champions, partners, and friends, featuring prominent voices in the field of sustainable procurement. The goal was to empower and equip procurement practitioners with knowledge, best practices, and practical solutions to address immediate challenges in sustainable procurement.

Why was the event a hit?

World Sustainable Procurement Day 2023 provided attendees with a fantastic opportunity to learn about leading global efforts in sustainable procurement. It was a chance to connect with the sustainable procurement pledge community and discover resources and organizations supporting this cause. Over 24 hours, procurement professionals and others interested in the procurement lever had the opportunity to listen and interact with experts in the field.


It was a fantastic opportunity to hear about some of the leading work taking place globally in sustainable procurement, to connect with the sustainable procurement pledge community, and to find out about resources and organizations supporting sustainable procurement.

Stephanie Bertels, Founder, Embedding Project

11. 5th CX AFRICA SUMMIT 2023

Category: Customer Experience
Eventible’s ranking: 4.31/5

About the event:

The Customer Experience (CX) Africa Summit, organized by the Niche Customer Experience Group, is a leading initiative in customer management services, solutions, and training in Africa. Every year, this summit aims to raise awareness about the transformative role of customer experience in the African business landscape.

The event provides business leaders, managers, and owners a platform to connect, learn, and grow their African businesses through enhanced customer experiences. The 2023 edition was held in Nigeria from July 4 to July 7, 2023. 

The event featured CX Africa awards, keynote speeches, lectures, panel discussions, free masterclasses, virtual networking opportunities, and product/service exhibitions; the summit focused on helping businesses increase customer profitability through effective customer experience management.

Why was the event a hit?

Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the panelists, praising their expertise and engaging presentations. The summit focussed on tackling the primary challenges businesses face. The discussions delved into how customer experience, innovation, and design thinking can effectively address these issues.


I liked everything about the panelists; they were very well-informed and engaging.

Betty Mulinge, Territory Lead, Field Technology Development Partners

12. JDL 2023

Category: Automotive
Eventible’s ranking: 4.83/5

About the event: 

The JDL EXPO trade show took place from June 21 to 23, 2023, in Beaune, France. It catered to companies in the construction, industry, and environmental sectors seeking equipment, information, providers, accessory suppliers, and equipment manufacturers. The expo, with nearly 200 exhibitors representing over 650 brands, served as a platform for businesses to engage with their customers and understand their desires and needs.

The event focused on everything related to cranes, platforms, trailers, handling systems, accessories, equipment, and service providers. The Expo showcased a remarkable 12th edition, featuring over 1,000 pieces of equipment for attendees to explore and discover.

Why was the event a hit?

Attendees at the JDL EXPO gathered to connect with the JDL family and various suppliers, fostering new business relationships and exploring innovative products. The event featured a concentrated presence of exhibitors, facilitating rich exchanges among participants. Notably, the inclusion of TV sets added to the overall experience.

A significant highlight of the Expo was the integration of the JDL Energy fair within the exhibition. This new hub focused on emerging alternative energies, including biofuels, hybrid, electric, and hydrogen. Industry leaders like Gaussin demonstrated the advantages and functionality of these energy solutions. The event provided a valuable platform for learning, networking, and staying informed about the latest developments in the field.


The concentration of exhibitors and the wealth of exchanges. The TV sets were also a real plus!

François-xavier, Expert, INRS

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13. Medicarians 2023

Category: Pharma and Healthcare
Eventible Ranking: 4.58/5

About the event: 

Medicarians 2023 took place in Vegas from April 24th to 27th, bringing together product creators, distributors, provider networks, plan administrators, venture investors, and innovators. It serves as a hub for those dedicated to improving people’s lives in the realms of physical, financial, and mental well-being. The event in Vegas was a platform for networking and learning, attracting over 2,000 participants from across the senior health, wealth, and age-tech ecosystem.

Why was the event a hit?

Medicarians emerged as the standout Pharma and Healthcare event of 2023, earning praise from numerous attendees. Attendees found the mix of participants to be ideal, appreciated the expansive venue, and enjoyed the multitude of events taking place. The introduction of new electronic badges received positive feedback as well. 

The event’s impeccable organization, inclusive content, diverse attendees, delicious catering, and excellent facilities garnered high commendation. The ability to view attendees and schedule meetings proactively contributed to productive networking. Meanwhile, happy hours and social events provided a chance to unwind and were well-received.


The sessions were all organized well, allowing for a thorough review of the topic, Q&A, and providing the right amount of time for follow-up and discussion. It network-oriented it was as well as collaborative.

Rick Natsch, CEO/Co-founder, Presidio Interactive

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14. Design, Automation, And Test in Europe Conference 2023

Category: Manufacturing
Eventible Ranking: 4.63/5

About the event

The 26th Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE) conference, held in Belgium, served as a prominent European gathering for designers, design automation users, researchers, vendors, and specialists in hardware and software design, testing, and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. This edition of DATE focused on both technology and systems, encompassing ICs/SoCs, emerging technologies, embedded systems, and embedded software.

Why was the event a hit?

Interactive sessions allowed participants to engage closely with authors, posing critical questions about their work. The career fair was a highlight for many attendees, providing companies with the opportunity to discuss their focus areas and what they seek in future employees. The event’s organization was commendable, and the location was convenient. Attendees greatly appreciated the quality food and snacks served between sessions. The talks were well-crafted and effectively organized.


The most exciting part for me was the career fair, in which companies talked about their area of focus and what they are looking for in future employees.

Sina Bakhtavari Mamaghani, Ph.D. Student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

15. SaaSiest 2023

Category: Startup
Eventible’s ranking: 4.82/5

About the event:

SaaSiest, the largest community-driven B2B SaaS event in the region, occurred in Malmö, Sweden, from April 18 to 19, 2023. Over two full days, 1200 founders, executives, and venture capitalists gathered to exchange experiences, share best practices, and engage in meaningful networking and relationship building. The event focused on propelling careers and businesses to new heights.

Why was the event a hit?

Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the overall organization, networking panels, speakers, food, and parties at the event. The organization and atmosphere were described as epic, with a friendly and pleasant vibe. 

The food and drinks surpassed expectations. The opportunity to meet and network with people outside the conference hall, particularly through activities like paddle/poker, was highlighted for fostering casual conversations and valuable connections. The talks were praised for their quality and relevance, contributing to the fantastic atmosphere and numerous networking opportunities.


I loved being able to meet/network with people outside the conference hall. Paddle/poker was great for having more casual conversations and making great connections. Also, I want to let you all know that your backstage crew was terrific. I wanted to make sure the proper (funny) picture would appear on the screen when I came out. She told me that the provided image was too big and wouldn’t be used. I let her know that I needed it, as it was part of the beginning of the presentation talk, and she had a solution within 2 minutes. Top tier 👏

Todd Clouser, Marketing, Lavender

16. 37th National Home Performance Conference 2023

Category: Real Estate
Eventible’s Ranking:  4.68/5

About the event:

The National Conference stands as the foremost industry experience for those involved in home and building performance. The 37th National Home Performance Conference in 2023 took place from April 17th to April 21, 2023. It united thousands of professionals, including contractors, weatherization experts, trainers, program administrators, and energy auditors, all engaged in residential energy efficiency, for the latest industry education.

Attendees left equipped with the latest trends, newest techniques, key insights, and actionable items from the conference.

Why was this event a hit?

Attendees greatly appreciated the interactive sessions and were pleased with the ample networking time provided. The breadth of knowledge shared at the conference was thoroughly enjoyed. The level of information presented was high and not simplified; questions were taken seriously and addressed at a substantial level. The diversity of the conference and the inclusion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) offerings in the conference track were particularly lauded by participants.


The food was great, lots of chances to network and reconnect with people. Sessions were diverse, and I wish I had a clone to be in 2 sessions at the same time. Because most people uploaded their slides, I will be able to review what I missed, however.

Brody, Director Utility Programs, Bloc Power

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17. WindEurope Annual Event 2023

Category: Energy
Eventible ranking: 4.48/5

About the event

The WindEurope Annual Event 2023 took place in Denmark from April 25th to 27th, 2023. Featuring over 50 sessions and more than 250 speakers over three days, the event comprehensively addressed various aspects of wind energy.

Covering topics from supply chains, permitting, and grids to sustainability, finance, and resource assessment, the conference delivered rich content representing every facet of contemporary wind energy. Insights were shared by stakeholders from across the sector, including policy, NGOs, and other relevant areas.

Why was the event a hit?

Attendees hailed the WindEurope Annual Event 2023 as the standout gathering in the energy sector, attributing its success to abundant networking opportunities that facilitated meaningful connections with the right individuals. The event’s atmosphere, including the speakers, networking sessions, and overall buzz, generated a positive vibe.

Attendees appreciated the chance to meet numerous new people and companies, and the organizers ensured the presence of key figures in the industry. Many participants successfully connected with almost everyone they wished to meet, making it a highly fruitful experience.


The organisers have ensured all the industry’s key people attended. I was able to get appointments to meet almost everyone I wanted to.

Dominic Szanto, Commercial Director, Northland Power

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Key Takeaway

Looking back at 2023, these aforementioned events not only defined the year but also left a lasting impact on various industries and communities. Eventible’s carefully curated selection of these 17 standout events reflects the diversity and significance of these moments that unfolded throughout the year. 

After a careful examination of attendee reviews and employing a meticulous scoring system, this retrospective article sheds light on the distinctive features that distinguished each event. From groundbreaking innovations to insightful discussions and once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities, these gatherings have been able to provide the attendees with a wholesome experience. As we take a stroll through this reflective journey, the combined influence of these events becomes apparent, highlighting their role in shaping an energetic and transformative year.

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