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The Alternative Medicine Summit - Second edition 2023

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About The Alternative Medicine Summit - Second edition 2023

The Summit on Alternative Medicine is an annual virtual event that brings together practitioners, researchers, and advocates of alternative medicine to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and explore new developments in the field. Alternative medicine refers to a wide range of practices and therapies that are not part of conventional Western medicine, including traditional herbal remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic, and naturopathy… The summit includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops covering a broad range of topics related to alternative medicine. The discussions focus on the evidence base for various therapies, their safety and efficacy, and the regulatory environment for alternative medicine: The summit will tackle so many themes but not limited to: - The growing interest in alternative medicine among patients and healthcare providers, - Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for chronic conditions that are difficult to treat with conventional medicine, - Focus on the reasons for this trend and the potential benefits and risks of alternative medicine, - The need for rigorous research to establish the safety and efficacy of alternative therapies, - The ways to improve the quality of research on alternative medicine and increase its integration into conventional medicine. - The ways to integrate alternative medicine into conventional healthcare systems and promote patient-centered care, - The importance of collaboration between practitioners of alternative medicine and conventional medicine. LOGYTalks.com is an Open-Access Self-Serve Community-Based Verticalized platform to promote professionals’ visibility. LOGYTalks integrates tools similar to Zoom for Video-Conferencing, Mailchimp for Target Marketing, Linkedin for Vertical Networking and Slack for Content Management. It has so many innovative features such as Live Interpretation, meeting Transcripts, Citation ID

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May 4, 2023

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United States

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