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Supply Chain Execution Europe 2022

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About Supply Chain Execution Europe 2022

Transforming logistics throughout disruption.
Driving change with clarity and effectiveness
Black swans upon black swans, shifts in customer demands, shortages, logistics bottlenecks…

In these unprecedented times, the sense of urgency for implementing meaningful changes in your logistics operations is higher than ever and, leadership means walking a path that has never been walked before.

Undeniably though, with disruption comes opportunity.

Back to in-person, Reuters Events Supply Chain Execution Europe (11-12 October, Brussels) will reunite 300+ executives from the entire logistics ecosystem (from inbound logistics, to transportation, to warehouse operations, to last-mile) to help you thrive and explore best-in-class business strategies from the world’s largest brands.

Thanks to crucial business insights, outstanding networking opportunities, and real-life business cases from manufacturers, retailers, logistics providers, and solutions enablers, you will be equipped to transform your Supply Chain Execution.

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Oct 11 - 12, 2022

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633 days ago

Mike Cobern LeDuff

Vice President 

at LeDuff America

I always enjoy the event every year comma, it's immeasurable how much information you get off of this session.


633 days ago

Lyn Christopher Henry

Business Transformation Architect  

at Zebra Technologies

Hello. I wanted to thank you for just putting something together like this, of this magnitude. I thought it was very insightful. I love the keynote speakers at the beginning to start the day. I appreciated the Expo with the different vendors down there to kind of understand all the software players, all the different options out there, all the different things that are going out there on out there in the supply chain. I also appreciated the sessions. I thought it was very insightful. I love the diverse topics of the sessions. Yeah, overall, I thought it was well put together. I definitely don't have any negative feedback. It's all positive here. I definitely appreciate it. And I'm looking forward to more conferences. Thank you.


633 days ago

Michael York

Transportation Lead, NA 

at Nufarm Americas

I thought the event was pretty good but there is a lot of kind of repeated topics and, and use of the same kind of buzzwords throughout the calls. I took away some good information but felt like some were pretty vague or were talking about different things that weren't necessarily the title of the Fireside Chat or what they were supposed to speak about. Oh, in the future, I may go to another rooter's event but I might vet it a little bit more and decide if it's worth going to.

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