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Alexander Fichera

Owner & Business Anthropologist


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United States


Alexander Fichera was once a professional athlete, competing at the highest levels of his sport. However, after retiring from competitive athletics, he discovered a new passion: business anthropology. He became fascinated by the ways in which people and organizations interact and function, and he decided to pursue a career as a coach and training specialist. Over the last 15 years, Alexander has worked with some of the best athletes, organizations, and business leaders in the world, helping them to close the gap between their vision and reality. He has helped them to develop their skills, improve their performance, and achieve their goals. Alexander is the owner of Intuito Group, a general contractor for people projects. He has worked across a range of sectors, including finance, construction, IT, education, and more. He has delivered and facilitated thousands of hours of training and coaching to hundreds of managers, executives, and teams, sharing his expertise and helping them to succeed. In addition to his work as a coach and training specialist, Alexander has also pursued additional education and certifications. He holds a PHR certification and is certified by MIT in the neuroscience of business. He has also received certifications in behavioral analysis and emotional intelligence, which have helped him to better understand and work with his clients. Alexander considers himself a culture-conduit, connecting people, performance, and profits. He is dedicated to helping his clients succeed and reach their full potential, and his work has made a significant impact on the lives and careers of the people he has worked with.

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Owner & Business Anthropologist at IntuitoGroup


Bachelor of Arts (BA), Anthropology

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