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Austin Welch


Sage Media, Inc

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United States


I produce story-based films to create inductive learning experiences that learners love and remember. I combine research from behavioral psychology, cognitive science, and adult learning theory to create films that change behavior. My process follows three main steps: 1️⃣ LEARNING STRATEGY Most learning initiatives are reactive, often leading to high-risk failures. We mitigate risk by clarifying your learning message and determining which stories and emotions will have the most positive impact on your audience's behavior. 2️⃣ STORY DESIGN Traditionally, corporate “stories” are predictable and preachy. We craft culture-specific narratives that engage emotional responses that both aid learning and change behavior. 3️⃣ VIDEO PRODUCTION Most training films are either too artistic or too clinical. We perfectly blend creativity with cognitive and learning science to maximize learning and make your training really matter for the people watching. Areas of Expertise: - Creative Problem Solving & Design Thinking - Learning Needs Root Cause Analysis - Behavior-Based Learning (Consulting & Design) - Corporate Mythology - ADDIE & Kirkpatrick (Execution & Implementation) - Bystander Intervention Course Design - Cognitive Science Research

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Co-Founder at Sage Media, Inc