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Daniele Joubert

Head: Growth and Consumer Operations SSA


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South Africa


I studied Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University, where I completed my thesis on Exponential Organizations – The characteristics an organisation should have or incorporate in order to grow exponentially. I started my career in Innovation and Strategy consulting, focusing on the Financial Services Industry. After which I joined Capitec in their Innovation department. I was tasked with designing and creating innovative solutions to get Capitec's clients to manage their financial lives better, through education and digital tools, where I fell in love with behavioural economics and its applications to improve clients’ lives. This was my first step in client experience, since the experience of educational tools are directly correlated to a client’s willingness to engage or participate. I then joined the Client Experience team, where my focus was on all digital touch points, client experience insights and how to use it to learn and constantly improve the overall experience. Building client experience models to better understand client’s expectations, client journey mapping to design for peaks and pitfalls and finally helping to design the strategy and culture of our client experience across the bank. I am currently working at Uber Eats as their Head of Growth and Consumer Operations. I am an innovative, enthusiastic industrial engineer who wants to use my skills to contribute to the world around me and make it a better place. Industrial engineering entails analytical problem solving and process optimisation. Engineering teaches you to develop new ideas, not to accept matters as they are, and to question possible solutions. Industrial engineering focuses specifically on solving complex problems as well as on the relationship between people and their physical and/or financial environment. I believe that knowledge is power; you have to be willing to learn everyday of your life and use every opportunity to expand your knowledge.

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Head: Growth and Consumer Operations SSA at Uber


B.Ing Industrial, Industrial Engineering