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Debbie Groves

VP Sales, East


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United States


It wasn't until I was 16 years and 4 roles into my career that I realized my professional purpose. In a brief note of thanks from a client, he shared his appreciation for how my team and I contributed to his success. Reading this, it struck me that my purpose is to support the advancement and achievement of others. Since that time I have had the privilege of doing just that for clients and colleagues alike. I am focused on bringing innovative technology solutions supported by credible methodologies to new markets and delivering a superior client experience. Along my journey, I also hope to further the career advancement of people through new horizon solutions, and grow the capabilities of the teams providing business development and account management to ensure mutual success. DIFFERENTIATORS I bring professional Creativity as a competitive advantage. Always looking for a better way, a more effective message, a stronger return - I have a lot of energy for creating something where there was once nothing. And I see this through to implementation and drive innovation into practice to see tangible returns. Agility is how I have thrived through three separate acquisitions in the past five years, and I have led my teams through these changes with 100% retention of top talent. At the same time, I believe in transparency when it comes to leading people to be their best selves. In all, having strong empathy along with the capability to handle tough conversations has always enabled my success. My ability to paint a vision that drives Empowerment amongst my team and our clients has been developed over 25 years of selling ''new-to-market'' solutions. Understanding another person's context, educating them on the returns for adopting our solution and ideas, and articulating an ROI that drives urgency is at that heart of my approach. This experience also allows me to see the world through my team's lens and build a bridge with corporate strategy. Creating a collaborative, high charged, positive environment enables my servant leadership approach.

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VP Sales, East at GrowthSpace


Bachelor of Music with Management Emphasis, Music and Business