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Jacqui Bateson

Managing Director

HACT Housing

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United Kingdom


An enthusiastic, energising strategic leader with a wealth of Executive and Non-Executive experiences. Jacqui brings a solid background in governance and a talent for creating strategies, translating complex ideas into tangible deliverables and effectively mobilising stakeholder groups. Media trained from a proactive and defensive media perspective; she is a clear and influential communicator who excels at building relationships and articulating her lines of reasoning. Passionate about customer experience and sustainability, viewing these business challenges through a robust commercial lens. At board level, Jacqui is thoroughly prepared and balanced in her approach, pivoting between contributing ideas and attentively listening to understand before responding. She thrives in forward thinking environments with diverse capabilities, excelling at identifying skillsets and capitalising on them in line with board and organisational-wide objectives. Now ready to further leverage her experience in a Non-Executive Director position, Jacqui would prove valuable to the boards of start-ups driving significant growth that wish to establish a sustainable infrastructure and the wider business environment. More broadly, she would work well with organisations looking to grow, change or transform.

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Current Position

Managing Director at HACT Housing


MBA, Marketing, Corporate Finance & Creativity, Innovation & Change

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