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James Leavesley

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)


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United Kingdom


I am a hands-on tech CEO and commercially-focused NED that sees opportunity when others see barriers and problems. Pretty new to the NED world so let’s focus on me as CEO- jack of all trades and a master of none!! I am as comfortable hands-on selling into new markets as I am negotiating legal contracts. I am equally at home setting a strategy and getting employee buy-in as I am raising finance or defining product themes and defining KPI's. I thought it would be good to share the things that I enjoy and excel at… Proven Innovator and Problem Solver - Having built a SaaS business from scratch then innovation is in the blood! I have never been phased by challenges and problems no matter how big- I relished the opportunity to tackle them and have always found ways to turn them to our advantage. Strategic thinker and hands on executor -I am as comfortable establishing the proposition, setting the vision, and building the strategy as I am executing it. Putting this at the heart of the organisation and linking all activities back to the strategy and proposition has ensured full company buy-in, which has enabled us to hit objectives and KPI’s. Passionate and Consultative Sales person- I am naturally a consultative salesmen always uncovering the issues and aligning the solution-sell to these. I can happily engage right the way through the organisation understanding the issues from the shop-floor to the board room. I am passionate about every product or service I represent and am equally at home in new markets. Objective and constructive challenger - Combining CEO and NED experience then I have mastered the ability to ask difficult questions to get to the heart of the issues and do that in a non-confrontational manner. Whether it is seeking marginal gains or making big step changes, structured questioning can unlock real potential because the CEO rarely has all the answers. Values-based Leader - I know the importance of culture and values and was able to turn them into a competitive advantage in a hybrid operating model that enabled us to attract and retain the best talent. This inclusive environment enabled us to navigate difficult times, work at pace and make the right decisions that delivered the best business outcomes. An enabler that unlocks employee potential - I work closely with individuals and teams to unlock their potential, enabling them to deliver things that they didn’t think were possible. Acting as a supportive manager, but giving people the freedom to execute I will always get the best out of the teams and individuals I work with.

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Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at TradeKart


MBA, international business

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