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Jamie Robertson

Chief Executive Officer

Invisible Systems

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United Kingdom


I love to build and scale companies. I support and work with founding teams and executive boards with scale-up, growth, in some cases turn-around, transformation or pivot plans for their businesses. I have worked with several companies and start-ups assisting with fundraising, scale-up, business and operational development. My principles focus on a lean and agile approach to scale, with the hustle of a start-up founder but with the disciplines required from a blue-chip and that experience with Nokia and Microsoft. An approach welcomed and valued across the teams I have worked with. Core value is a sales, commercial and results-orientated skill-set; one that invests in people, relationships and with a lateral view on building and scaling companies from concept to exit. Companies – I successfully build, scale-up and turnaround businesses from loss making to profit; - Market launch, management and targeted growth - Digital First strategies and transformation - Effective management of cost, supply chain and channel - Calculated risks, understanding the need to invest to growth Teams - building world-class, high performance teams from product & development, operations to GTM, Sales and Marketing; - Believe in the best in people – understand and invest in them - Accommodate differences, cultures, environments, tech & exec and adapt with them - Always be accountable, hold integrity high and be sincere - Create fun, enjoyable environments – embed a dare to succeed culture Learn – Take every opportunity to learn, develop and aspire - Learn from your peers, acknowledge and explore - Consider the lens, perspective before making an action - Be resilient, flexible and open - Invest in people; share discuss and invest in development Today, I work with small >25 people teams in start-up and scale through to multi-national matrix managed people organisations enjoying the challenges and aspects of both. COO CEO | Commercial Leadership | Change Management | Digital Transformation | Technology | Business Development | Revenue Growth | Sales Management | Negotiator | Entrepreneur Forward-leaning | Task Driven | Team-builder | Passion | Goal Orientated China | Asia | Europe | Americas

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