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Luke Hurd

Chief Operating Officer

CHIC Ltd (Central Housing Investment Consortium)

Country or State

United Kingdom


CHIC (Communities & Housing Investment Consortium Ltd) is a consortium of social housing landlords, working collaboratively across the UK. CHIC's members work together to deliver sophisticated asset management and new build solutions, to drive quality up and cost down. By planning and delivering their asset investment and development programmes collaboratively, members secure cost savings and a range of added value benefits. CHIC works directly with members, contractors and the supply chain to work more effectively and to co-ordinate a range of employment and training initiatives. CHIC has available a series of works, services, materials supply and merchant distribution arrangements providing EU compliant solutions for all Asset Management and New Build Development requirements.

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Current Position

Chief Operating Officer at CHIC Ltd (Central Housing Investment Consortium)


BSc, Business Management

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Housing 2022