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Mickey Bradley


Buster Consulting, LLC

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United States


Changing the World with an Easel and Some Colored Markers Okay, it’s not really about the markers. For two decades I’ve helped literally thousands of people in dozens of companies create better work experiences and higher performance. Leaders who inspire. Colleagues who respect and support each other. A culture that leverages everyone’s full knowledge, experience, and talent. When that happens, people are engaged. When people are engaged, performance skyrockets. And life just gets better for everyone. Areas of expertise include: • Executive Coaching. Every leader needs a sounding board, sparring partner, teacher, confidante, and unwavering ally to help set goals, improve partnerships, and - most of all – find his/her unique leadership voice. • Teambuilding. Because a collection of people is not a team, and “team dynamic” can be negative, competitive, and destructive . . . or collaborative, inspiring, and fun. • Strong Communication. Replacing dry, colorless corporate-speak with value-driven, energizing communications that make people believe, care, and act. • Education/Training Design & Facilitation. Done with targeted content, constant attention to the needs of the group, a dash of humor, and very, very little PowerPoint, I promise. • Conflict Resolution. Whether it’s one-on-one clashes or multiple groups and factions, I help convert partisanship into partnership, “us-vs.-them” into WE. • Community Relations. Helping create positive and productive community collaboration, with increased trust and effective communication.

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President at Buster Consulting, LLC


Bachelor's Degree, (BS)