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Tom Stanfill

CEO & Founder

ASLAN Training & Development

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United States


Customer’s willingness to work with sellers to evaluate their solution has declined 120% in the last three years. The success rate in getting meetings with new prospects is less than 2%. With the rapidly growing number of unreceptive prospects and customers, organizations, sales professionals, and leaders constantly search for shortcuts or AI to unlock better performance. Sorry to break it to you, but there are no shortcuts. The only way to guarantee success in sales is to acquire a new mindset and skill set, which is outlined in my new book, UnReceptive published by HarperCollins Leadership. Stop selling and start focusing on creating receptivity. Guiding sellers to stop selling may sound baffling, but this is the same mindset and skill set that has made my training company, ASLAN, a successful and sought-after secret weapon in sales conversions. In my 26+ years as CEO and Co-Founder of ASLAN, we have: - Trained household name corporations such as HP, Alfac, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Cisco & FedEx - Served more than 100,000 sales professionals in over 35 countries - Been named one of the nation’s top sales training companies by Selling Power Magazine nine years in a row Through each of these opportunities, I have observed, gathered, and implemented how to convert the unreceptive and make selling more easy and enjoyable. And, now I get to pass on the strategies that will drastically improve your ability to: - Open a “closed” door & Get more meetings - Improve your ability to influence & convert the most jaded customers (or win the unwinnable customer) - Eliminate resistance, making selling easy, more enjoyable & meaningful Develop yourself as a successful sales leader by pre-ordering a copy of “UnReceptive” here: Connect with me: or send me a direct message.

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CEO & Founder at ASLAN Training & Development


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