Excitement is building for the upcoming year as the dynamic IT landscape gears up for groundbreaking advancements. In this ever-changing industry, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial. As we approach 2024, Eventible is thrilled to present the ‘Top 10 IT Events of 2024.’ These events, ranging from cutting-edge conferences to interactive symposiums, are set to be hubs of knowledge and collaboration. Join us as we unveil the key forum that will shape the IT narrative in the coming year, building on insights and reviews from 2023.

Top 10 IT Events in 2024

1. Flutter Global Summit’23 

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.55/5

Flutter Global Summit is a platform where Flutter developers share their opinions, have interesting discussions, and learn more. It also maintains its fame for its flexibility, ease of use, and fast development cycle for mobile application development. 

In Flutter Global online summit 23, speakers shared their experiences, and the summit allowed the attendees to network with each other, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the realm of the Flutter event. The 2023 summit lasted 16 hours and was graced by more than 25 speakers and 5000 attendees.

The upcoming Flutter Global online summit 24 will occur between 6 and 7 February. The future Flutter global summit is poised to be an exceptional opportunity for developers, designers, and business leaders to learn about the latest advancements in Flutter. The summit will bring together CTOs, product managers, team leads, software-based startup owners, and Flutter developers. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“The speakers lineup was the best thing about the event; speakers from Google and all the amazing technical talks were amazing.”

Waleed Arshad, Founder, Flutter Xchange.

“The talks were on very diverse aspects of Flutter, and therefore, there was something for everybody.”

Saksham Gupta, Mobile Developer, Dyte

Audio Reviews:

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2. Developer Week 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 3.90/5 

DeveloperWeek is an annual event that brings together over 8,000 developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers, and executives from over 70 countries. It’s a platform where attendees can discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools.

Last time, companies such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Rackspace, IBM, Cloudera, Red Hat, Optimizely, SendGrid, Blackberry, Microsoft, Neo Technology, Eventbrite, Klout, Built.io, Ripple, GNIP, Tagged, HackReactor, and 30+ more here participated in DeveloperWeek events.

DeveloperWeek 2024 is the most extensive developer conference & event series, including the DeveloperWeek 2024 Conference & Expo, 1,000+ attendee hackathon, 800+ attendee tech hiring expo, workshops, technical talks, and keynotes. The event will occur from Feb 21–23, 2024, San Francisco Bay Area & Feb 27-29, 2024, virtual.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“This event was very well organized and executed. The speakers were great, and the location for the in-person event was well laid out and sized for the attendees. The talk quality was good, and the topics were diverse, so there was something for everyone.”

Sarah Morgan, Sr. Product Manager, Scout.

“The talk and diversity of speakers. From small startups to large enterprises. The Expo was also really good in size and relevancy of companies.”

Gal Zabib, CEO, Altostra

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Top IT Events for Q2 [Apr-Jun] 2024

3. KubeCon + CloudNative Europe 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.30/5 

KubeCon + CloudNative Europe 2023 is centered around newer open-source software (OSS) technologies and solutions. The event is well-positioned to respond to app modernization pressures from contemporary economic and societal challenges. More than ever, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon provided an essential forum for exchanging relevant information and insights on Kubernetes and broader DevOps trends.

The North American KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023 event was held in Chicago from Nov. 6 to 9. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hybrid conference included almost every issue, with over 80 sessions spread across more than ten tracks.

From March 19–22, 2024, in Paris, France, adopters and technologists from the top open-source and cloud-native communities will come together for the flagship conference of the KubeCon + Cloud Native Computing Foundation. CNCF graduated and incubated projects will take place for four days to educate and advance native cloud computing.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“It’s great to see so many like-minded people come together. The conference was well organized, and things ran as expected.”

Margarita Manterola, Director of Engineering, Isovalent.

“Excellent all round event- great to see the ecosystem so vibrant.”

Richard Collins, Head of Product Marketing, Venafi

Audio Reviews:

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4. AWS Summit Berlin 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.30/5 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies, use AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.  

At AWS Summit Berlin 2023, attendees found curated content to enhance their summit experience. The event threw diverse topics and technical depth, covering areas such as AI and machine learning, architecture, cloud operations, data and analytics, DevOps and developer productivity, migration, networking and global infrastructure, security, serverless, and more. The event aimed to provide valuable insights across various domains, allowing participants to understand key AWS ecosystem subjects comprehensively.

AWS Summit Berlin will take place from 15-16 May 2024. At this free event, attendees will discover how the cloud accelerates innovation for businesses of all sizes. The summit will unlock new AWS platform skills in various interactive sessions and expand attendees’ horizons with talks and workshops from experts. It’s a must-attend option for AWS enthusiasts or a brand new user. Attendees can use the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn at the AWS Summit Berlin.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I most liked seeing so many cloud practitioners in person, hearing about their strategies, and learning more about their challenges.”

Konstantin Melzer, Account Executive.

“One of the best parts was the type of audience and interaction we had in the booth.”

Mohit Sharma, Developer Advocate, MongoDB

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

5. WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.50/5 

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is the best place to get a complete overview of recent insights and future trends in modern software development. It is recognized by many as the world’s flagship event for developers and tech decision-makers. 

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023 witnessed remarkable tech leaders, pioneers, innovators, builders, creators, and visionaries who came together with a vibrant community to share ideas and discuss the trends and challenges of modern software development. It wasn’t just about networking but celebrating the essence of development and enjoying shared learning.

Participants can take the opportunity to gain new knowledge and grow their expertise to create incredible software and products on July 17-19, 2024, in Berlin, Germany.‍ The event will drive forward the wheel of tech innovation, making a lasting impact on the industry and the world at large.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I really enjoyed the experience this year. Kudos to you for the Tech Recruiting Stage.”

Barbara, Talent Acquisition Lead, Wefox.

“Get in touch with the most advanced technologies of the moment and the most brilliant developers in the world!”

Stevan Le Meur, Product Manager, RedHat.

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

6. Midwest Dreamin 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.56/5 

Midwest Dreamin’ is organized by user group leaders who arranged quality speakers for the Midwest for learning and networking. Midwest Dreamin is always a jam-packed conference where attendees learn Salesforce tips and tricks, check apps, and network with other admins and developers.

The 9th edition of Midwest Dreamin 2023 was a great success. Attendees had their pick of breakouts to attend, spanning various topics from intro-level to advanced, admin to developer. They also had time to visit the expo hall to get demos from the sponsors. There were plenty of opportunities for networking with fellow admins, developers, and community members.

Midwest Dreamin’ is coming to the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis on July 17-19, 2024. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“Midwest Dreamin was a 3-day event with a fantastic combination of professional development, knowledge sharing, and networking fun!”

Jacob Catalano, Product Manager, Sercante

“Well-organized and great hosts! The host city was lovely, easy to get to, and easy to get around!”

Sarah, Salesforce Administrator, Barbershop Harmony Society.

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

7. Google Cloud Next 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.40/5 

Google Cloud Next has developed and deployed technologies responsibly, with privacy, security, and safety at the core, based on being guided by longstanding AI principles. They develop verification tools to identify AI-generated images. They are the first cloud provider to enable digital watermarking and verification for images generated on their platform. 

Thousands of people flocked to San Francisco for Google Cloud Next 2023 to hear about the company’s most recent developments. Attendees loved the vibe and ease of the event. All the sessions were accessible and navigatable. All the discussions were recorded, even small breakouts.  

Google Cloud Next’ 24 will occur on 9-11, 2024, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Next, ’24 will be a global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education. Participants must join this for visionary keynotes, the latest technology innovations, and live sessions on everything from generative AI to security. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“The energy, general brightness, and ease of the event. Lots of large conference centers can come off as dark, cavernous, and depressing. This was not the case.”

Sean Winter, SVP Strategy & CX, LumApps

“Ease of navigating the event, every panel and discussion was recorded and easily accessible, even small breakouts.”

Robson, Business Development, Devpost.

Audio Reviews:

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Top IT Events for Q4 [Oct-Dec] 2024

8. IROS-2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.23/5 

IROS is a significant and impactful forum for the international robotics research community to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and smart machines, emphasizing future directions and the latest approaches, designs, and outcomes.

The theme of IROS 2023 was “The Next Generation of Robotics.” The last conference aimed to highlight younger researchers’ contributions and help accelerate the future contributions of all those just entering the field. This was reflected in plenary and keynote talks, workshops, tutorials, forums, competitions, exhibitions, tours, and technical sessions.

IROS usually takes place in the fourth quarter of the year. The official dates and venue are not declared yet. Watch out for further updates on the event’s official website.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“The workshop on leg prosthesis was my favorite part. It was great to hear from the field’s major players and network together.” 

Kevin Best, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan.

“The blend of posters, industry exhibits, coffee, and snacks on the lower level was great!”

Christoforus Mavrogiannis, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan.

9. Agile Testing Days

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.65/5

The Agile Testing Days is Europe’s most significant knowledge transfer- and hands-on learning-oriented conference for and by Software Testing professionals involved in the agile world. It is the most substantial and official meeting point for the worldwide agile (testing) community.

The last Agile Testing Days was a 4-day virtual conference for international agile software testers and engineers who gathered to learn, share, and network. The conference featured more than 140 sessions, including inspiring keynotes, experience talks, hands-on workshops, and full-day tutorials covering the latest agile software testing insights for participants.

The Agile Testing Days will occur in Potsdam, Germany, from the 19th to the 22nd of November, 2024. If you are interested in presenting a research paper, then ‘Call for Paper’ is open from December 2023 until the 11th of February 2024. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“Excellent content and speakers. Very value-driven content and very well-thought-out activities.”

Faiza Yousuf, Cofounder, CaterpillHERs

“I enjoyed how the event was like a “bubble”- I entered the hotel and never needed to leave, thanks to all the talks and activities around the clock. My level of engagement was higher than other conferences I have attended.”

Andrew Knight is the principal software architect at Cycle Labs.

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

10. Web Summit 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.35/5 

The Web Summit covers topics such as Harmonising tech and the audio industry – Audio Waves, Artificial intelligence (AI), The future of retail – e-commerce, etc. 

Web Summit 2023 was conducted in Lisbon from November 14-16, 2023. At Web Summit 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) was a central theme, especially in the startup competition PITCH. Two thousand six hundred eight startups from 93 countries were present at the proceedings, which attracted about 906 investors.

Web Summit 2024 is likely to come to Lisbon in November. It will bring 70,000+ people together with the companies redefining the tech industry. The upcoming summit will present incredible speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and proprietary software to maximize your experience. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“A well-organized event with great people. Made lots of great connections with people I would not typically get a chance to meet in London.” 

Charles Brecque, Founder, Legislate.

“The organization and venue were very good. The mood was perfect for networking. Really nice to watch the talks in the app. Some countries had good initiatives, such as Germany and Austria.”

Miguel Matos, CEO, Contactuall.

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

Key Takeaways:

The “Top 10 IT Events to Look Forward to in 2024” is the anticipation of revolutionary advancements and insights that will redefine the IT landscape. These carefully curated events promise to be epicenters of innovation. It will provide a platform for professionals, enthusiasts, and business leaders to exchange knowledge and shape the future of technology. 

As we look ahead to 2024, the collective impact of these forums is expected to drive collaboration, foster learning, and pave the way for transformative developments in the IT industry. Stay connected with us for upcoming IT events 2024, and take advantage of the latest innovations and networking possibilities.

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