The Human Resources (HR) industry is poised for many transformative experiences as we await a new year. With a keen focus on promoting collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange within the HR community, these events promise to be pivotal in shaping the future of workforce management. 

As we are all set to welcome the new year, we at Eventible present a list of the top 10 HR events in 2024, illuminating the latest trends in talent acquisition and symposiums. Addressing the intricacies of remote work and employee well-being. Join us on this anticipatory journey as we explore the key events that will undoubtedly define the narrative of HR excellence in the coming year.

Top HR Events to Look Forward to in 2024

1. HRcoreLAB 2023 

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.33/5

The HRcoreLAB conference is the most comprehensive, innovative, stimulating, and inspiring HR event with an eye toward strategy. Every year, executives from across the globe come to HRcoreLAB with a common purpose to discuss the current state of the HR industry and investigate how it can be improved to continue contributing to future business success.

The summit brought the best speakers from leading organizations to share their knowledge. Case study presentations, Live Q&A, and Interactive discussion sessions allowed participants to develop a comprehensive overview of the most influential HR strategies used globally.

The upcoming HRcoreLAB 2024 conference will occur in Barcelona from March 13 to 14. The conference will cover topics like recruitment, HR Agility, and people analytics. The speakers will discuss the current state of the HR industry and investigate how it can be improved to continue contributing to business success in the future.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I had a great time. The attendees of the event came from all across Europe. I enjoyed that the event was not as big as, e.g., Unleash, with the benefit that connecting and having meaningful conversations was much easier than huge HR events. Additionally, I enjoyed the keynote from EY, Credit Suisse, Nokia, UKG, etc. Eye-opening.”

“I really liked that we had three different conferences in one so you could choose which one you wanted to attend according to your interests. The sessions have been very informative, and all speakers had a lot of experience in their areas of expertise.”

Audio Reviews

Here is an audio review:

2. Hacking HR’s 2023 Global Conference: FORWARD 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.54 

Hacking HR is the world’s largest online HR conference, which covers hundreds of speakers, dozen sessions, and thousands of participants. The conference provides support, the most valuable HR learning programs, and networking and collaboration opportunities. Attendees engage with cutting-edge HR trends at the annual conference and participate in HR certificate programs.

Forward 2023 invited the most prominent thought leaders to share insights, data, stories, knowledge, and more. The conference focussed on the future of work and topics such as upskilling, benefits relevant to the current times, metaverse, employee data, and how to ensure engagement in the future.

The Hacking HR 2024 online event will occur from March 25 to March 28 for free of cost. It is worthy enough because it brings together HR professionals from different backgrounds, industries, and businesses for unparalleled networking, mentoring opportunities, and support.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I truly enjoyed the hacking HR series. I appreciate that there was a variety in the topics discussed. I greatly appreciated that we were able to receive credits for both sessions each day that was attended. I did think the breaks in between should have been a little lengthier and not just 7 min or so. I thought the sessions were a bit long to be sitting in one continuous session. No break throughout.”

“All the interaction between the panelist and the attendees. The wisdom and knowledge that the other panellist shared was helpful and informative.”

3. HR Technology Conference & Expo 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 5/5

HR Technology Conference & Expo offers top industry analysts and in-demand thought leaders. The sessions are designed to implant a sense of THE ever-growing and complex HR tech ecosystem and to make better informed HR system decisions by leveraging the right tools to drive the business forward. 

The HR Technology Conference & Expo was the world’s largest HR Tech marketplace this year. Attendees had direct access to industry thought leaders, exclusive research insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The conference explored how to generate new leadership opportunities for women and delved into what was necessary to build cultures of trust.

The HR Technology Conference & Expo is scheduled for February 27–29, 2024, in Las Vegas. If you are interested, you may sign up on their website for a FREE online.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“All online, but felt like I was onsite. Was very impressed with how well it was organized and the virtual booth concept.”

4. ATD23 San Diego

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.53/5

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) annual conference is the most significant event for training and development practitioners. It always offers the latest trends and best practices, discovers new tools and solutions, and shares ideas with peers. 

ATD 2023 occurred in San Diego on May 21-24, 2023. Over the years, more than 13,000 professionals from 80+ countries have relied on ATD’s annual conference to learn about trends and best practices. 

The upcoming ATD24, the world’s most significant learning and development conference, will unite professionals from across the globe. The conference’s mission is to rejuvenate participants’ expertise, renew their enthusiasm, and re-engage in meaningful connections within the community. With various educational opportunities, cutting-edge solutions at the expo floor, and networking at every turn, ATD24 is the hub for revitalization and success. 

The forthcoming event will take place in May in New Orleans. You can keep visiting the official event website to catch the latest updates about the event. Attendees can renourish their spirit to advance in their careers.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I loved connecting and reconnecting with the TD community. Great content at so many different levels; there’s something for everyone. Because of that, I could find value and bring members of my team, allowing us to have a learning experience together.”

“Adam Grant keynote, upgraded Expo lunch, easy check-in for presenters, helpful people around the convention center.”

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

5. UNLEASH America 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.12/ 5 

The UNLEASH Conferences have been the epicenter for HR, recruitment & learning enthusiasts for ten years. Leaders and technology buyers gather from over 2,000 leading employers annually, influencing over 12 million employees and adding $18 trillion to the global economy.

Eight thousand HR leaders gathered in Las Vegas for UNLEASH 2023, representing over 5,000 leading employers. At the International Festival of HR, the world’s HR leaders came to do business and discovered inspirational stories and know-how that changed how organizations thought about HR and innovation.

UNLEASH America will return to Las Vegas in May 2024 with the best HR tech conference and expo in America. For a decade, UNLEASH has been the proving ground for Startups, scaleups, breakthrough technologies, and global innovators shaping HR.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I like the app’s features where we could connect to the attendees before to network. Good quality speakers. The food provided was great.”

“The thought was an interesting selection of vendors. Some of the break-out groups could’ve been more interactive.”

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

6. Talent Acquisition Week 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.64/5 

Talent Acquisition pros & HR leaders have come together for over a decade to leverage emerging recruiting practices, offering the latest global recruiting trends, recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, tools, and technology through practitioner-to-practitioner sessions, panel discussions, and case studies.

Talent Acquisition Week 2023 captured the in-person event experience through digital storytelling. Attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and partners enjoyed the captured moments — sharing lessons learned, new connections made, dreams for the industry, and more. 

Talent Acquisition Week will host three leading industry events in San Diego in the first week of January 2024. Social Recruiting Strategies Conference, Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit, and Employer Branding Strategies Conference are the three important industry events that will take place.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“I had a great experience speaking as a Moderator at the TA Week conference. I would say closed captioning and having attendees have quicker access to speaker LinkedIn profiles when they don’t have a PDF attached to the session would have been my only suggestions to improve.”

“I really enjoyed learning about the data analytics piece and what industry leaders are doing within their own companies.”

Audio Reviews:

Here is an audio review:

7. RecFest 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.78/5

The RecFest conference is attended by HR specialists, Resourcing Leaders, and Hiring Managers. The RecFest has made a record of dazzling fusion of conference-worthy content, mind-blowing vendor activities, cutting-edge tech showcases, and unparalleled in-person connections.

RecFest 2023 broke the record for industry events by delivering hours of relatable industry content wrapped in a uniquely vibrant festival experience.

The multiple stages featured a strong lineup of talks from the best-in-class speakers and industry experts who were ready to share their challenges and listen to those of the participants. Throughout the park, attendees engaged with various immersive activities as partners went above and beyond to provide the most interactive event experience.

The most electrifying festival for talent acquisition, RecFest UK, is taking place on 11th July at Knebworth. 2024 RecFest is designed to be bigger and better than before. The conference has 13 stages, 130 captivating talks, and inspirational keynotes from industry leaders.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“It was an incredible event, with a great host of speakers & a mood to match the TA community.”

“I loved the unique set-up of RecFest. I’ve never heard of a conference run like a festival before, and it was executed so well. The variety of vendors, stands, food, drinks, and entertainment was top-notch. Basement Jaxx was such a nice touch to let our hair down! I will be a regular at RecFest from now on, and if you’re debating getting a ticket, do it. You definitely won’t regret it. There’s nothing else like it!”

8. Channel Futures Leadership Summit 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.55/5 

Channel Futures Leadership Summit sets itself apart from existing and aspiring channel leaders. Attendees can acquire strategic conversations through peer interaction and expert advice to accelerate high-performance managerial skills and capabilities. 

In 2023, they brought together 75+ channel leaders to the stage with strategies to help participants’ businesses thrive for a long time. The upcoming summit will serve MSPs, technology advisors or agents, consultants, resellers, providers, and others.

Channel Future Leadership Summit will occur at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA, from September 16-19, 2024. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“The Channel Futures Leadership Summit proved to be an invaluable convergence of ideas, networking, and strategy, one that will likely influence the decisions and strategies of its attendees for the year ahead.”

“They were very inspirational speakers, great people, and a professional event. The event was amazing. I’m so glad I attended. I especially loved building community and making new friends with industry leaders.”

Audio Reviews:

9. HRM Summit 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 5/5

HRM Summit Conference, Awards, and Workshops is usually a 2-day HR event, mainly taking place in the Middle East. The summit conference brings industry leaders and tech enthusiasts together to explore how HR will shape the world of tomorrow. 

HRM Summit 2023 had an Awards ceremony, an HR products and services exhibition, and panel discussions. The Awards Program helped recognize Best Practices and celebrated Talent. It sought to honor the region’s exemplary employers and individuals who significantly shaped the country’s success story.

The upcoming conference will likely happen in October 2024, where industry leaders and speakers will share fresh and unique insights the audience can bring back to the office. Keep checking the event’s official website to stay updated with all the latest information about the event. 

Here is a selection of reviews:

“About the present generation and scenario with pros and cons which really made my day. More advertising about their work and knowledge transfer about the present situation. It can lead to more visualization in the market.”

P Praveena, Business Development Manager, Eazyerp.

10. HRTECHX 2023

Eventible’s Ranking: 4.75/5 

HRtechX is the leading forum for HR professionals in northern Europe. The event focuses on improving HR knowledge, staying on top of future trends, seizing new opportunities, expanding the network with the best within the field of HR & HRtech, etc.

HRtechX 2023 was a world-leading HRtech community event that connected industry executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. The event added value for guests and partners and delivered the highest possible quality.

The forthcoming HRtechX will likely occur on 27th November 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is expected to provide an invaluable platform for networking, new insights, and exposure at the conference with +1,400 CXOs, HR Professionals, and HR Innovators. Every time, the event encourages attendees to bring their team to the day and make HRtechX a team day for the company to explore and learn.

Here is a selection of reviews:

“Develop and implement growth opportunities in existing and new markets. • Creating long-term value for organizations. • Oversee the sales process to attract new clients. • Work with team members to identify and manage risks. Research and identify new market opportunities. • Prepare and deliver pitches to potential investors.”

Jenali Shah, Senior Account Manager, TopRewards.

“Informative opportunity to both network and learn. Gaining insights into future trends and understanding your challenges are mainly shared globally. Learning from others and meeting some new potential partners.”

Stephanie Traore, Co-founder, SS Brand Services Ltd.

Key Takeaways: 

These top 10 HR events provided a unique platform for professionals to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices shaping the HR landscape. These gatherings offered valuable insights and networking opportunities, from talent acquisition strategies to employee engagement solutions. Professionals gained a holistic view of the evolving HR domain, equipping them with the knowledge needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.

As we transition into the future, stay tied up with Eventible for insights into upcoming HR events in 2024. Seize the opportunity to engage with the latest HR trends and unlock new networking and collaboration possibilities. 

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