The finance industry’s first quarter witnessed numerous noteworthy events where finance professionals, industry leaders, and experts assembled to discuss and learn about trends, research, and insights into the global banking and finance industry. These gatherings also gave participants valuable insights into using the latest tools and technologies to better financial experiences. All in all, attendees got acquainted with navigating the ever-evolving financial landscape and driving financial excellence. 

Let’s explore the top five finance events that took place during this period:

1. IFX Expo 2023

Highly rated for Networking

The iFX Expo-2023 was a groundbreaking financial business-to-business exhibition that took place in Dubai from January 16th to 18th, 2023. This event was the world’s first and most significant of its kind. The iFX Expo successfully brought together professionals in online trading, financial services, and fintech across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East over the past decade under the same roof. 

Why did this event stand out?

Top executives from leading international firms got the opportunity to connect, grow their network, expand their businesses, and engage in insightful content at the expo. The expo opened a window of opportunities for the participants to establish relationships and foster connections with representatives from various industry experts. These included Technology and Service Providers, Digital Assets and blockchain, Retail and institutional Brokers, Payments, Banks and liquidity Providers, Affiliates & IBs, and Regulation and compliance.

Here are a few selected reviews:

“The best thing about the event is the location of our booth 2. Number of attendees is quite a lot 3. Nice food for vouchers. 4. Location 5. Space.”

Alina Kushwid, Product Manager, A Markets.

All arrangements including the time of the event and the place, the country of the event, attendees and speakers.

Odai Abdullah, SDR, IDWise

Organization, networking, and very productive for our brand-mainly getting new contacts and leads. These were the best things about the event.

Carolina, Marketing Manager,

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2. STHLM Fintech Week 2023

STHLM Fintech, the largest fintech event in Sweden, took place on February 15th and 16th, 2023. This highly anticipated event brought together the entire fintech community with a strong emphasis on knowledge sharing, quality, and relevance for all participants within the ecosystem. 

Highly rated for Networking and Connecting

Why did this event stand out?

The conference at Sergel Hub served as the focal point, complemented by engaging side events on other days. The organizers of STHLM Fintech extended invitations to a diverse range of attendees, including expert speakers, investors, and CEOs of promising startups. The event fostered networking, collaboration, and insightful learning during Sthlm Fintech Week.

Notably, the fintech community made this year’s event more global than ever, striving to maintain continuous momentum within the community. STHLM Fintech offered a fresh perspective by exploring “the global lens of fintech.” By bringing together players from the ecosystem, including startups, scaleups, investors, government officials, and financial institutions, the event created a unified platform for collaboration and growth.

Here are a few selected reviews:

The amazing food, the inner city location, and the networking. The event was nicely divided into different themes.

Sarah Hager, Regional Manager, Enablebanking

“Location, lunch, number of participants, good presentations, fireside chats, and very helpful staff were the best features of this event.”

Mai Mitt, Head of Sales and Partnerships for Cybersecurity, Cybernetica AS

The pitch battle, which I also judged was the best. Good level of pitching and a good engaging format.

Mikael Angesjo, General Manager, Crowdcube.

Audio reviews:

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3. Payments Summit 2023

From February 27th to March 3rd of 2023, the Secure Technology Alliance and its U.S. Payments Forum hosted the 15th annual Payments Summit alongside the Forum’s Spring Member Meeting in Salt Lake City. The industry’s premier event, the Payments Summit, was the most comprehensive cross-industry gathering of card and payments professionals across all stakeholders. 

Why did this event stand out?

The event covered various payments such as FinTech, payment technology, mobile payments, NFC (near field communication), contactless, transit payments, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and many more. The people who attended the 15th annual Payments Summit got the insights to lead the organization’s payment initiatives and helped unlock new business opportunities.

Here are a few selected reviews:

With the mix of topics, I learned some new things and that was the best part.

Deborah Baxley, Partner, PayGility Advisors

I like that payment summit is so content-heavy; it’s really nice to get folks who know what they are talking about all together in a room.

Sarah Hodges, Director of Product, Skipify

I enjoyed speaking on the panel with Mastercard. There were great questions from the audience. Very interactive.

Roenen, Chief Risk Officer, Justt

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4. Wall Street Green Summit 2023:

Highly Rated for Learning

On March 13- 14, 2023, the Cornell Club in New York City hosted the Wall Street Green Summit. The conference aimed to establish a sustainable financial system promoting responsible investing. 

Why did this event stand out?

The event provided insights into businesses’ evolving role, covering cutting-edge content and industry developments. It showcased leading practitioners in the field of sustainability. The 2023 Wall Street Green Summit’s agendas comprised themes like ESG Investing and reporting, Carbon Markets and Finance, Clean Energy solutions for addressing climate change, and Greening Clean Transportation.

The Wall Street Green Summit of 2023 was highly successful in facilitating talks and providing emerging knowledge on sustainable finance, responsible investing, and the transition to a greener economy. The conference focused on cutting-edge topics and served as a valuable platform for professionals to deepen their understanding and contribute to advancing sustainable practices in the financial sector.

Here are a few selected reviews:

Content, speakers. It was topical and informative, and I learned much about the ESG and climate technology ecosystems.

Scott Krady, Founder, Magnitude Inc

The wide array of content that was spoken of was quite impressive. It covered all the aspects of sustainable finance, from the regulatory side, to understand the importance of capital allocation.

Andrew Textoris, Consultant, South Pole

Good mix of sectors and leaders sharing their views on sustainability and the environment. 

Shelley Goldberg, Green Evangelist, The Green Impact Exchange

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Key Takeaway: 

Based on the feedback, these top 5 Finance Events of the first quarter of 2023 gave finance professionals remarkable opportunities. After attending these events, participants shared that they learned new industry trends, gained cutting-edge expertise, and networked with thought leaders. 

These summits allowed attendees to interact with business leaders, widen their professional networks, and learn helpful information. The events also demonstrated strategies for making informed financial decisions, driving innovation, and excelling in their respective finance roles.

Eventible as a platform provides a means to stay ahead of the curve and foster meaningful connections. Watch for future marketing events to avoid missing the latest innovations and networking possibilities.

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