Eventible, the pioneering event review platform, proudly presents its Top Event Marketers 2023 list. These nine professionals have been recognized for their exceptional execution of challenging event campaigns and projects throughout 2022.

Elizabeth Thomas, Head of Global Events at Elastic, reflects on her experience, stating, “In 2022, our biggest challenge was navigating the ‘in-between.’ We were simultaneously planning and executing in-person events after a two-year hiatus while maintaining an online virtual program.”

Gerilynn Marburger, Director of Global Events at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, notes, “In 2022, increased costs due to supply chain constraints and staff reductions in the service industry were some of the challenges we faced.”

The esteemed individuals on the final list are Dale Rickert, Global Conference Head of Greentech Festival; Matthew Lin, Head of Marketing at Beetc; Emilie Watrob, Head of Event Marketing at ZS; Katherine Leong, Director, Corporate Events at Gainsight; Rex Serrao, Sr. Director, Marketing Technology (Brand and Events) at Salesforce; Gerry Schneider, VP Events at WeAreDevelopers; and Mike Kalyan, Event and Seminar Marketing Manager at SHRM.

For the complete list and details of their achievements, visit the TOP EVENT MARKETERS 2023 page.

Ankush Gupta, Founder of Eventible.com, expresses his admiration, saying, “Looking back on the challenges of the past year, it’s an honor to introduce a group of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination in achieving event success. These professionals navigated the unpredictable waters of event marketing, emerging stronger.”

He adds, “Despite the demanding backdrop of 2022, with staffing shortages, rising costs, supply chain constraints, and changing circumstances, our honorees remained steadfast and brilliantly overcame challenges. Their stories should inspire marketers to reach higher, showing that ‘tough’ is another hurdle to conquer.”

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