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Heather Polivka

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HeatherP Solutions

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What happens when Marketing expertise meets HR know-how and Operations proficiency? Well, me! I founded HeatherP Solutions to work with progressive leaders of small and mid-sized businesses to accelerate growth by creating work environments where people thrive. My proven methodology focuses on driving business performance through employee performance. I do this by addressing workplace culture, improving employee engagement and retention, and cultivate great people leaders. My secret? 1. I marry Marketing, HR and Operations. I am the connector of functions and remover of silos 2. I drive business strategy through talent, culture, and engagement strategy, breaking it down into tangible, bite-sized, ''live-action“ pieces so the vision becomes the reality. 3. I work BOTH top-down and bottom up. Everyone has a role to play and I show them how to play it. I work with leaders to create a shared vision, and work through managers and employees to create results. I'm passionate about the role that managers play in our workplaces, given 75% of people leave jobs because of managers and the primary driver of employee engagement is the relationship with the manager. And yet, only 30% of managers get any people leadership training. They are set up to struggle, and their teams along with them. That is why I created the Awesome People Leader program. Culture, engagement, and retention does not happen without great people leaders. Before launching HeatherP Solutions, I led the first global marketing division of Fortune 6 UnitedHealth Group. I applied my consumer-centric marketing expertise to attracting, retaining, and engaging the people needed to fuel the organization’s success. For nearly 12 years, I served as the critical link between Marketing and Human Resources, reporting into the Chief Officers for both. My work helped to quadruple their revenue, transform their culture, repair their reputation as a place to work, integrate cultures and brands of 20+ acquired businesses, and localize their presence in culturally relevant ways around the globe. I am a SCORE mentor and advocate for child abuse prevention and anti-racism. I love to cook & entertain in a ''help yourself'' sort of way, drink good wine, and watch BBC murder mysteries. Check out my website for upcoming Speaking engagements & Events! • Find & Keep Great Talent • Employee Experience • Manager Development • Employee Engagement • Culture & Values • Remote and Hybrid Work Environments • Marketing • Human Resources • Productivity • Agile Marketing • Innovation

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CEO. Advisor. Speaker at HeatherP Solutions


MBA, Major in Strategic Marketing, Minors in Operations and Global Managemen