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Patrice Caire

Consulting Scientist

Stanford University

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Dr Patrice Caire, Tech expert and Futurist, is a computer scientist and writer. She has worked extensively in Silicon Valley, in the museum sector, and in academia. (more at: * Expertise and leading efforts in Social Robotics, AI, Ethical AI, Cooperative Systems, IoT, HRI. Consulting Scientist at Stanford University, Robotics Lab Robotorium project. * 2016 Launched and led the Luxembourg United robot soccer team. Won the challenger Cup at the German Open. Moved the team to the Champions' League by arriving among the first 10 at the RoboCup world competition 2017 in Japan. * Created and led the Social Robotics Lab at the University of Luxembourg (SnT) * Initiated and led many projects at the University of Luxembourg (SnT): Obtained 1st Pepper Robot in the world to use it as a tour guide for the National History Museum; CoRobots, demonstrated the cooperation between humanoids and drones for Luxembourg Modern Art Museum, 6-months Art & Science exhibit; CoPAInS, in collaboration with Luxembourg City, use cased requirements trade-offs for smart homes; Internet of Things privacy and security for POST Telecom Luxembourg. * Received many awards: 1st prize of Innovation at Mind & Market with Luxembourg United robot soccer team; National Fund for Research Award for outstanding contribution to the public; Women in Sciences and Engineering award; Best Research Paper Award at 21st IEEE International Requirements Engineering, Rio de Janeiro; Best Research Paper Award at Agreement Technologies, Beijing. * Author of more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, and 80 presentations. Has been featured in mainstream media. * More info at

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Consulting Scientist at Stanford University


PhD Computer Science, AI

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